If Hell was cold, it'd be Yoth.
Madam Celestial Saber's description of Yoth
Beautiful Yoth
A structure on the surface of Yoth
Vital statistics
Type Disputed World
Level Echelon 4
Location Smiley Belt
Inhabitants Human, various other wildlife

Yoth is a largely uninhabited icy planet that was taken by The Resistance after the Chat conventionally bombed Havin IV after the destruction of the Chat Star.


Very little was known about Yoth, other then it was home to many leaders of the Resistance, a planet wide shield generator, a considerable fleet orbiting the planet and millions of soldiers stationed on the mega base complex on the surface named Gamma Base. The system was easily able defend itself from small attacks, but a major invasion would prove to destroy it. To help with its defense, thousands of turrets were been set up around Gamma Base to help in its defense for the day the Chat Empire decided to attack. 

This planet would be the setting for the battles that would come to be known as the Fall of Yoth, and the Second Battle of Yoth. However, after two attacks, the New Galactic Republic was able to establish a permanent base on the planet for future operations against the Chat.


Then in the lattest events in the return to Yoth turned the planet into a bran new Xenomorph Prime