Yavin IV

Yavin V pre civil war.

Once a beautiful planet, multiple conflicts have left most of the world barren.


It use to be a very lush planet full of forests and life. Though it also had some cities, most of the landscape was left untouched. However, after the war, most of the forests, and other areas of wild life, were wiped clean off the planet. The average temperature is about 30 degrees Celsius and the once plentiful rain fall has all but dried up. Now, only a few large villages are left on Yavin V.


Fire yavin

The dead forests of Yavin V.

Being so far from the center hub of the universe, the planet became self reliant over the course of the years. However, feeling that the government was not paying attention to their needs, Yavin V and some of the other worlds united together to form a new party to run in the elections, the United Opedia. However, after disputed votes lead to The Chat Civil War, Yavin V became the headquarters for the United Opedia. After the planet was heavily bombed at the end of the war, Yavin V had trouble getting back on it's feet. Being so far away from where the galactic headquarters was located, the world has all but been almost forgotten about. 



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