While it only holds six shots, one hit from the XL 40 Revolver can put an unarmored hunter to the ground. 

Chat revolver

XL-40 Revolver


Holding six 40 caliber beam laser rounds, this revolver can punch through bodies, armor, and even shields (to a lesser extent). The recoil of the gun only allows it to be fired in quick succession in close quarters. It's also not wise to fire the gun with one hand, as the recoil can hurt the user if they do not properly hold it. Chat Bodyguards and those who prefer a hand cannon as a sidearm use this weapon as a last line of defense. A few of these have also found there way into the Republic Guard, though the SIP-30 is still the standard issue sidearm.


  • Extremely high damage and stopping power.
  • Capable of penetrating armor.
  • Essential for close quarters.
  • Since it is a revolver, it rarely jams.
  • Great Range due to its long barrel.


  • High recoil.
  • Low magazine capacity.
  • Cannot be fired in rapid succession while maintaining accuracy.
  • May injure the user if wielded improperly.
  • Barrel is worn away due to the force per shot; requires higher maintainance than other handguns.