Maridun OOM macrobinoculars

An XD droid with binoculars.

"I can't afford that ship... I want it, but I could buy a battle group of cruisers with the money you are asking for."

"Hmm, you leave me no other choice. I offer you my security team on top of all of this, complete with Destroyer, Super Battle, DX and even XD droids."

"XD droids?! That money is as good as yours."

-Fox buying the Great Fox III from a very wealthy gangster on New Port Cache.

The XD-class droid is a very expensive, combat ready and incredibly intelligent droid manufactured exclusively on New Port Cache. One of the most popular models was XD-7.


Manufactured for the highest bidder only, the XD droid is much more advanced then its older counterpart, the DX droid. Physical differences include the XD wearing a large processor pack that contains the more powerful processor, and also sport unique painting and designs. Since DX class droids malfunction and tend to forget their target if it leaves their sight without assistance from an control center, XD droids were mobile control centers capable of processing what it's fireteam or army should do on it's own, and thus it could synchronize the attacks of it's army or fireteam to a perfect degree. They have a unique feature of 'connecting' with DX droids and adding the lesser machines to the control center's fighting strength, allowing the single CC to command entire squads of droids. While they can be deadly, others argue that they are no match for more advanced human fighters. Although they are significantly more expensive than the DX model, they are cheaper than a generic, organic soldier in the long run, as they require no training and are considered disposable by some upper-class warriors.

Also unlike the DX model, the XD droids can 'memorize' up to three different languages that they will be able to fluently translate or speak.

Photo 3

A XD droid helping out members of the Republic Guard.

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