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Vidmas7er chat admin photo

Vidmas7er's casual photo update days before his capture in Sector W.

Vidmas7er, 'Vid' or 'Viddy' is an Administrator of the Chat Empire. Vidmas7er is one of the four anthropomorphic characters in the Team Heretic Dinofox Universe, along with Fox. He is a hybrid of a Raichu and a Fox.


Before the 118th elections, Vidmas7er was an officer in the Administration's army, taking orders from the Chat Nation rather then the Opedia. He eventually was promoted to Chat Moderator as a highly respected political character rather then a military leader. Seen from the start of The Chat Civil War as a high ranking supporter of the Chat, Vidmas7er was promoted to an Administrator of the Chat Empire at the 118th elections, and thus is a high ranking General of their armed branch.  

Battle Status

Seen in the Sector W base before the Sector W conflict, Vid was doing his job as monitoring the Chat Empire and drinking coffee while the Team was plotting to kidnap him.

During the battle of Sector W, Vidmas7er hid in the space base's HQ while a battle raged on outside. Eventually Fox came for Vid, and a large battle ensued between security forces and Fox. Fox finally killed the guards, and then Vid came for Fox in a massive exoskeleton. Finally, Fox won the fight and brought Vid back to the Team's carrier. Eventually, Vid was brought back to The Resistance for interrogation and was imprisoned on Yoth. However, after the Chat attacked, Heretic Dinofox and the Resistance wanted to kill him, but he was taken by Commander Heathcliff and lived as his prisoner along with Forerunner  aboard The Hecate. Heathcliff would save the pair from death during the Fall of Yoth but after a failed hunt for Commander Heathcliff, he was returned to the Chat. However, he had helped Heathcliff in exchange for his survival and he was sentenced to death along with the Admin know as Karl.

However, during the Battle of Eafth, Heathcliff and his team went looking for him. The problem was that the few people in the Chat who were trying to help him had no idea where the Chat had moved him. Luckily, Heathcliff is covered intel that Vid was being held in a Chat base, located in a mountain range far away from Omega. The battle, which would become known as Operation Black Eagle, was a daring raid by both parties involved, but Heathcliff managed to find Vid and get him out of there before the Chat could stop them. Finally safe, Vid recieved some much needed medical attention while aboard of the Hecate. 

Vid is currently on Gaeto with the rest of the crew on the Hecate as they attend a Delegation being held by the New Galactic Republic. Though, after a bomb went off, the delegation has been suspended. It is interesting the note that Heathcliff has gone, and still is, going to great lengths to protect Vid.