The Unnamed Sharp-Yar Controlled World is a planet that once housed several thousand Sharp-Yar troops. The members of Team Heretic Dinofox participated in a covert op on this planet, after which, the planet became mostly abandoned.

Sharp-Yar World

Aerial view of the face of the planet.


The planet is a large, but low-density world, that is tidally locked to it's three suns and lone moon, resulting in a never-ending day. In the temperate areas, the temperature averages to around 35 celsius, and combined with a nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere, this slender band of habitable terrain allows limited colonization by other races.

Sharp-Yar Presence

The Sharp-Yar were able to colonize this world around 2502, and have been using it for developing a strong military force in secret. They have radar jammers and other advanced technology to mask their presence and make the world appear seemingly abandoned and unappealing to bounty hunters and criminals. In an intelligence report given by the Tacit Ronin, this planet is confirmed to have at least a half dozen underground complexes, and a hidden bunker used to develop special weapons. 

Sharp-Yar Base

A Sharp-Yar base, with the interior being purely underground and only the entrance being above ground.

In 2538, the Sharp-Yar officially "found" the planet and publically announced they would colonize it. They built a village where a Sharp-Yar queen resided to oversee diplomatic occurances. It only has low-end cannons and simple mortars at first glance, but hidden below were advanced battle equipment and powerful AA guns, should the need arise. 

Arrival of Team Heretic Dinofox

When Team Heretic Dinofox arrived shortly after rearming the Earth-Kig militia, DMR4LIFE and Fox McCloud intended to confront the queen about recent Sharp-Yar aggression. The Kig-Yar pirate joined them the next day, but was forced to disarm his weaponry and armor because of the Sharp-Yar's general distrust of the Kig-Yar. They talked in circles for days, before Fox called in a small platoon of rebellion marines for "escort."

Unknown to the three members in the village, the Unnamed Field Marshall secretly deployed the Tacit Ronin to set up a silent listening post on another part of the planet. They discovered the location of several Sharp-Yar bases and uploaded their information to the Scouting Fleet.

After two more days, the tension could be felt, and Fox ordered the team to be ready for a fight at any moment. He had the Field Marshall gather all their forces behind the planet's moon and ready up for combat. General Sheer sent aid in the form of several Shortsword bombers. 

The Field Marshall received word from the listening post that they had found a secret bunker that was developing secret weapons from salvaging the fallen from both sides. He ordered them to investigate the bunker, and the unit was able to infiltrate parts of the bunker, although combat started before they could pull out. 

The ground skirmish was very brief, lasting only five hours, before the engagement went into orbit. The planetside conflict was costly for the Sharp-Yar AA weapons because the Sangheili Fleet caught them off guard.