The Unnamed Field Marshall and TWIO

For user equivalent, see Unnamed Field Marshall.

For the non-canon named user equivalent, see Kal 'Kusovai.

Human-Covenant War Era

The Unnamed Sangheili Field Marshall joined the Covenant Empire at some point before 2535, but had achieved the rank of Field Marshall of the Covenant by mid 2552. He was sent on the Corvette Ardent Prayer with a team of nine Zealot-class Sangheili, the Tacit Ronin, to accompany him on a mission to retrieve artifacts of the Forerunners while General Ardo 'Moretumee helped to launch the invasion on Reach. The Field Marshall led a team of two other Zealots to Visegrád Relay, and barely managed to escape the unexpected arrival of Team Noble, although the Zealots were casualties. 

After delivering the information, the Field Marshall was assigned to guard a Covenant Spire that was cloaking the supercarrier, Long Night of Solace. Although the job was successful, an adjacent spire was destroyed after a UNSC offensive and revealed the supercarrier above the planet, as well as costing him another Zealot. On the advice of General 'Moretumee, he massed a large force to assault the city of New Alexandria. He also planned several other offenses with the general. 'Moretumee sent an assault squad to attack a facility that was constructing experimental weapons for aerial combat.

The Covenant forces encountered a major setback when the UNSC launched a successful mission, OPERATION: UPPERCUT against his forces. They managed to fend off the attack on the Sabre facility, and destroy the Long Night of Solace. Among the casualties was General 'Moretumee and his personal team of Ultras.

Enraged, the Field Marshall withdrew his forces from New Alexandria and instead decided to set off a captured nuclear device to demolish the city. As he was evacuating, he noticed a group of Spartans running below, and managed to snipe one in the back of the head with his Needle Rifle. The other Spartans returned fire, but he was able to escape unscathed.

The Field Marshall at that point received word that Imperial Admiral Thel 'Vadamee had arrived with his own fleet. The future Arbiter was only mildly impressed with the Field Marshall's feats and assigned him to command a Corvette. Believing that he could put down the Spartans which had wronged him, he secretly went behind Imperial Admiral 'Vadamee's back to launch one last offensive, the Battle of Aszod. They were successful in annihilating a team of Spartans in an area shrouded by a large sandstorm. Tacit Ronin then proceeded to halt the progress of an alleged messenger of an important UNSC piece of technology. The messenger turned out to be a Spartan, whom the unit clashed with. Ultimately, it came down to a battle between the Field Marshall and the Spartan messenger.

The conflict was brief, but very intense. The Spartan managed to turn the tables and shot the Field Marshall in his neck. Unknown to the Spartan, the bullet had actually passed through a part of muscle in his neck that proved non-lethal, with the chance of that happening being one in a thousand. When the unconcious Field Marshall finally awoke, he was surrounded by Unggoy who had assumed he was dead. He got up and left in a Phantom back to the Corvette.

The Unnamed Field Marshall participated in the Great Schism and split off with the separatists. He left High Charity to retake a captured outpost moments before the Flood entered the battle, causing most of his allies to become infected. He returned to High Charity a few days later to see that most of it had been overtaken by the parasite. He saw a lone Spartan fighting his way through the halls, seeking an "Index," or so he heard through intercepted radio transmissions. He ordered his unit to draw back and let him, the Flood, and the Loyalists take each other out while TWIO and 'Thumamee moved to assassinate several minor Prophets. 

While TWIO and 'Thumamee fought through several levels, the Field Marshall offered evacuation from the Flood to all the other species who swore themselves to the Separatists, including several Jiralhanae. This was actually a ploy to get rid of possible enemies, as he sent them out on unmanned Spirits and had the Corvettes shoot them down. At that point he received word from 'Thumamee that the Spartan fled the ship, while the duo were able to murder most of the prophets. He also states that flood biomass had collapsed several vital hallways, and one of the latter's forces had to sacrifice themselves to manually activate a bomb that would cover their escape. 'Thumamee heroically volunteered, and set off the bomb mere moments after TWIO and the Field Marshall escaped. 

His actions for the rest of the Human-Covenant War are unknown, but it is confirmed that he visited Earth on two separate occasions.

Post-War Period and Team Heretic Dinofox

After the war, the Unnamed Sangheili Field Marshall was one of the fleet masters put in charge of hunting down the remaining hostile Jiralhanae. In order to complete this task, he was given command of the Scouting Fleet of Generous Distribution. He was able to kill at least two War Chieftains while heading toward the a Brute-controlled sector, but his mission became complicated when a mysterious portal opened up. As his fleet came out of the other side, UFM found a strange object drifting in space, unaware that he had just entered the Team Heretic Dinofox universe.

The object turned out to be an Arwing fighter, and it was salvaged. Even the three Huragoks on his Corvette couldn't determine where it had come from. He landed on a little city built into an asteroid, Gamma Sattigae IV, to investigate whether or not this was a Jiralhanae fighter. He met an enigmatic mercenary, Fox McCloud, who was trying to fix up his own ship to be on his way. Mercenary McCloud was also already partnered up with an expert Sharpshooter, Tyler Alshwind, and a genetically modified Raptor pirate.

At first, the Field Marshall received a cold reception when the trio kept trying to ban him from their presence, but they eventually had a change of heart and they temporarily became allied to help McCloud track down a dangerous Kig-Yar Pirate-Prince. They pursued the Jackal through several districts before they cornered it in a run-down hideout. Before Fox could capture his bounty, Chat Troopers attacked them from all sides. The group of four were able to fight their way out, albeit with injuries. They agreed to work together to investigate the threat of the Chat Empire.

Heretic Dinofox-Chat Empire War Early Weeks

After causing some trouble for Chat forces occupying GSIV over the course of a few days, the team's Raptor member leaves for deep-cover espionage within Chat held space. A week later, the Battle over Planet Blood would occur. During this battle, the Scouting Fleet set aside their differences with their new allies and worked together to destroy a Chat Banhammer-class Assault Cruiser.