United Opedia coat of arms.

"Every world, every person, is their own king."

History and War

After the 117th elections, in which the Chat Nation narrowly beat out the Opedia Union. However, a number of the votes were disputed and riots on multiple planets broke out. Push came to shove and blood on both sides was spilled. A number of planets saw the Chat abusing their power and united together to fight them. The Chat saw this as a galactic security risk and quickly mobilized troops to put down the Opedia.

Over the next ten years, what became known as the The Chat Civil War, millions of people on both sides and many more were left with out homes. The Chat brought out Ban-Hammer class Assault Cruisers  and laid waste to huge portions of planets. They also suspended elections during the war. The Opedia resorted to using civilians as human shields and blurring the line between civilian and soldier. Both sides tested out new methods of killing their enemies, but the Chat was playing a numbers game, and winning. When they reached the Opedia home world of Yavin V, they proceeded to bomb the planet instead of invading it. For two straight weeks, nothing on the planet was spared and the Chat let ten years of blood shed and anger boil over until almost nothing was left alive on Yavin V. Though the Chat Nation came out as the victor, they had lost hundreds of thousands of soldiers and millions of civilians. 

Opedia trooper

Standard United Opedia soldier.

Under the terms of the surrender, the United Opedia was disbanded and their leaders were jailed after a hearing with the National Court. However, the Chat was not able to silence all of them, and some of them escaped. For the most part, their people tried to return to a normal life after the war. 

Current Status

Though they lost the war, splitter groups still exist in the furthest reaches of the galaxy, and support any groups opposing the Chat. Rumor had it they were building up an arsenal to fight against their enemies. This would come to fruition as they kicked off the Galactic Chat War, which was a long and bloody conflict. However, after the Chat Empire split, resulting in the Chat Schism, they began supporting the efforts of the New Galactic Republic.


  • T3CHNOCIDE was a soldier for the United Opedia.
  • The Delta SEALS were hired to help fight the Chat Nation during the war.
Chat Civil War Factions
Chat Empire, Delta SEALS