Trex resistance

T-Rex class Assault Cruiser

Known for its incredible durability, and large size, the Tyrannosaurus-class Assault Cruiser, or T-Rex Cruiser for short, is the flag ship of The Resistance.


With an overall length of 5 kilometer, this assault cruiser is one of the largest star destroyer models. Its armament includes 250 anti-air turrets, 100 heavy cannons, 12 M75 Rapier Missile Pods, 6 MX3 nuclear missiles, 2 dark matter accelerators, and 6 heavy anti-ship batteries. Two hangers on the either side of the ship allow the assault cruiser to mass deploy fighters, bombers, and gunships. The Resistance uses these as their capital ships during space battles. 


Before the Galactic Chat War, these massive ships were used commonly and frequently, making up entire fleets rather than having assistance from frigates. After the Chat Civil War, the masses of these ships were obtained by the Opedian Remnant and Mercenaries all around the Galaxy. The New Galactic Republic even use these in the wake of The Chat Schism.

Since the creation of The Resistance, the T-Rex class Assault Cruiser has been in nearly every space fight for Resistance against the Chat Empire. Major ones include the Saurian Ceti IV crisis, the Sector W Conflict, The Battle of Yavin II, The Second Raid of Plunus and the Battle of Eafth.


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