“It does not matter to me if this war is unjust or not, what matters is those who are responsible for my family’s death pay.”

Tyler "DMR" Alshwind
DMR profile pic
Vital statistics
Position Sharpshooter/Mercenary
Age 22
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height 5'11
Weight 88 kg (195 lbs)

- DMR's motto

Tyler Alshwind or his alias name "DMR" is a founding member of Team Heretic Dinofox.

Early Life

DMR was born on the planet of New Naboo to a rich, well endowed family. During his childhood, his Parents tried to show him everything the galaxy had to offer; they wanted him to be exposed to many different peoples and cultures. His father, John Alshwind, was one of the planets political leaders. His mother, Jessica, had been one of the old leaders of the Chat Nation and was denounced from her seat and had her power removed when the Chat Empire came into power. His parents had refused to trade with the Empire, and had convinced most of the planets' leaders to follow suit. Jessica was concerned that the Chat would retaliate with force to get their way. John was convinced that if enough worlds united to stand against the Chat, they would not attack.

New Naboo (pre-chat)

New Naboo, DMR's home world. Located in the heart of the Sul System.

However, everything changed when the Chat Empire attacked with the vicious Moderator Hatsune Miku leading the ground assault. The fight on the planet would come to be known as the New Naboo Revolt. The Chat decided to take the planet by storm; they slaughtered anyone who tried to stop them. Tyler was just seven years old when his family was brutally murdered at the hands of the Moderator.

The Chat Shock Troopers, led by Hastune Miku, snuck up to the lightly guarded house. They sniped a few guards while the Alshwind family was having breakfast. Tyler had left to go to the bathroom when a rocket flew in and hit the table. All his brothers and sisters died in the fire ball while his mother was throw backwards due to the shock wave. Miku and her troops moved in, engaging more security troops. John tried to help fight but Miku shot him almost instantly. Jessica then took Tyler to the panic room and instructed her son to go down a tunnel, which would lead to a sewer pipe right next to a port. Not wanting to go, Jessica was able to push Tyler into the tunnel just as Miku busted through the door. However, Tyler tried to climb back up only to see his mother get be beheaded and in shock, Tyler slid back down the tunnel.

DMR airlom

DMR, an ancient family passed on through generations of the Alshwind family.

The Chat then burned his house to the ground and proceeded to take control of New Naboo. Tyler was able to sneak aboard one of the last transport ships, which happened to be heading to Alpha Harmony. There, he wandered the streets until being picked up by a bounty hunter, the legendary Jango Al Ghul, who decided to train him as his apprentice. Al Ghul took Tyler under his wing, taught him how to fight, how to kill, how to become the perfect warrior. Their relationship was more business than a father to son one. 


Youn dmr

By age 17, tyler was already committing crimes, notably against the Chat Empire.

Over the next 12 years, DMR trained in the arts of warfare, particularly in firearms and space combat. Since the age of 14, DMR had become involved in murders, raids, assassinations, hijackings, demolitions, and security missions. He has built a long rap sheet, notably against the Chat Empire; which included being put on many of their kill lists. Tyler decided to "change" his name to DMR.

DMR armor

Mark IV Mandalorian Combat Armor, DMR's favorite combat armor.

DMR, was an ancient family heirloom passed down through his family. His mother was wearing it when she was murdered by Miku. Seeing his family get brutally murdered in front of him left DMR cold, heartless, sarcastic, and thick-skinned. However, this is just a mask, and beneath it is someone who, at their core, is broken, emotional, and wants someone to understand him. DMR wears the mask to protect himself, for fear of being taken advantage of by others. Weakness, he believes, is what gets people killed; therefore he thinks that he cannot let people see how weak he truly is. Because of his mask, no one knows exactly who he is or what happened to him as a child. In the heat of combat he is hot-headed, smart, brutal, and has quick reflexes. Now, DMR has joined forces with Team Heretic Dinofox, a group who’s mission is to take down the Chat Empire once and for all. Though it seems he cares more about his own survival then that of his teammates, deep down inside, he cares very much about his new "family". However, DMR is never sure which is more important, completing his objectives, or making sure his team comes out alive. His goal, though, is to avenge the death of his family and make the Chat Empire pay in blood. 

Team Heretic Dinofox

DMR's face

DMR, in the midst of combat, looking up at incoming enemy dropships.

DMR joined Heretic Dinofox with the intention of removing the Chat Empire from power and finally having his revenge. As one of the younger members of the Team, he is forced to take orders from his commanders, Fox McCloud and Unnamed Field Marshall. Though he does clash with them on occasions, notably when it comes to how to handle combat situations. Fox will usually want more of a diplomatic approach, much to DMR's disgust. Given what he saw the Chat did to his family, he does not hold back on them and wants to go into most of their fights against the Chat in the same way; killing as many of them as he can while making sure he himself does not die. However, he is very smart when it comes to combat, and will not make silly mistakes, most of the time. There have been instances where his emotions have gotten the better of his judgement. DMR was instrumental to helping the Delta SEALS in joining Heretic Dinofox, helping to increase their combat effectiveness. However, he is constantly clashing with their leader, Jess McKathy. Though the two are opposites in many ways, they both have lost their families due to the Chat. In combat, these two are the perfect team, with their combination of close and long-range tactics. To some regard, he even respects her, though he would never dare show it.

Tyler and jess

DMR and Jess(in the background) fighting the Chat during a mission.

When it comes to missions, Heretic Dinofox uses him as their designated marksman. Though he will get involved in front line combat, the team usually has him hanging back, picking off the enemy. When he is in combat, he always wears his Mark IV Mandalorian Combat Armor. When they are fighting in space, he will occasionally use his F-35 X-wing Broadsaber Comet to dogfight with the enemy. Most of the time, though, he will be aboard shuttles or boarding craft when they need to get into a Chat starship. He hates not being in control of the situation, and is very reluctant to let the team make decisions that could ultimately end his life. However, DMR is learning to trust his team, his new "family," sort of. Though he does not like to show it, DMR goes out of his way to make sure his teammates come out of the mission alive, and takes the death of them to heart. He is torn between caring for them and trying to let go and move on with his life. And the more missions he does for them, the more blurred that line becomes. 

Weapons List:

DMR log entries

DMR uses his log entries to express his inner feelings and emotions, which he usually refuses to share with the rest of his teammates. He keeps these up to date, usually adding a new entry after each mission he completes. 

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