Dmr's parents

Jessica and John Alshwind, This is the only photo of his parent's DMR has.

Tyler Alshwind's parents were political figures on the plaent of New Naboo.

John & Jessica Alshwind


Dad: 47 (Dead)

Mom: 43 (Dead)


Dad: Minster of Trade (New Naboo)

Mom: Chat Admin (115th elections)


Their Children



Alshwind house

The Alshwind house, before the Chat burned it down.


Very little is known about DMR's parents, except that they were political activists against the Chat Empire . The Chat sent assassins including Hatsune Miku in order to kill them, leaving DMR to escape through the sewers. Their death was the first phase of the New Naboo Revolt.

However, those who knew them personally said they were a very loving family who cared very much for their five children. Tyler was the youngest when his parents were killed. They always put their children first, making sure they were taken care of. While they were very active on New Naboo's political scene, they were always afraid someone would come and try to harm them. Though they had bodyguards at the house, they knew if might not be enough. So, they built a panic room and in it, with a secret tunnel which led away from the house and towards a nearby space port. If the security of the house was ever compromised, their children were instructed to go down the tunnel, which led into a sewer pipe, and make their way to the port. The reason it went to the sewer pipe was enemies were less likely to check there if they were looking for any of the kids. This tunnel would prove crucial to saving the life of DMR.