The Unforgiving Spectre is a Stealth Corvette that is used occasionally by the Unnamed Field Marshall's Special Operations. The Shipmaster is Xytan 'Montrumai.


The length of a typical frigate, this ship is actually a Stealth Corvette (or Prowler) used by the long disbanded Trollvenant faction. While the ship is outdated, it was one of the greatest warships of it's time, making it still incredibly powerful against other frigates or even destroyers. Like all Corvette-class vessels, one of the Spectres primary weaknesses is it's vulnerability to boarding on it's top side where a dock is, which happens to be right next to a control area for the ships engines.  


Battle on Gaeto

This ship jumped out of slipspace above Gaeto and observed the battle below, rather than actually engaging in major conflicts. It did, however drop Xytan and some of his troops.



  • 50 Stealth Seraphs
  • 15 Phantom Gunboats
  • Liches



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