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Skirmish on Gaeto Battle of Eafth
Hecate decloaking

The Hecate, de-cloaking and preparing for a bombing run.

The Hunt for Commander Heathcliff would span multiple planets and go across the far reaches of the galaxy, the chase to capture Commander Heathcliff would be just the stepping stone for more major events that would follow.


Heathcliff and Sinon had convinced DMR to come with them on a hunt for Hatsune Miku after The Ambush at Gaeto. First though, Heathcliff had DMR come with him as they went get some intel and let off some steam on the prisoners, Vidmas7er and Forerunner. Though Heathcliff had to restrain DMR after he went overboard with beating up the prisoners, Heathcliff was able to convince them to spill the intel. They were promised freedom and that Eafth would be spared from a NOVA bomb, and in exchange, for information regarding Knightmare and on Eafth's defense fleet. With the beans spilled, Heathcliff started preparing for the journey to Eafth. However, events would soon start tearing these two groups apart.and Fox were upset at Heathcliff for injuring the prisoners and they demanded to let them take a look at them. Heathcliff decided to disobey these orders and starting preparing for a slip-space jump. Fox ordered him to stop and got his [[Great Fox III] into position to fire on The Hecate, while Jess was on a boarding craft heading towards the Hecate. At the last second, The Hecate jumped and Heathcliff told the remaining members of Heretic Dinofox goodbye and to stay out of his way. A race then began as Dinofox scrambled to figure where Heathcliff was going. Fox was upset at Heathcliff for injuring the prisoners and they demanded to let them take a look at them. Heathcliff decided to disobey these orders and starting preparing for a slip-space jump. Fox ordered him to stop, but got his Great Fox III to fire on The Hecate when the command was ignored. At the last second, The Hecate jumped and Heathcliff told the remaining members of Heretic Dinofox goodbye and to stay out of his way. A race then began as Dinofox scrambled to figure where Heathcliff was going.  

Bombing of Eafth

Heathcliff now started to carefully unravel his plan. The first part included using a combination of nuclear bombs and his ships stealth capabilities to sneak by the Chat defenses and bomb the city of Omega. Unknown to Heathcliff though, listening devices in Forerunner and Vid had revealed the attack to Chat High Command, who was making plans of a counter-attack. Led by Karl and Ultra Force, they planned to use the NOVA, which was now a dud, and lure in the Hecate. Then using new Infinity-class Battlecruisers, they would locate and destroy the Hecate before it could bomb anything. Karl, knowing that a lot was riding on the success of this operation, made sure everyone was on the same page.

After a few more random jumps, to ensure that the GF III could not track them, Heathcliff started getting ready to bomb the planet. However, DMR was getting jumpy. He was not against the idea of bombing the planet, it was the fact that they would be heavily outnumbered and gunned that made him concerned. He was afraid of dying in what he called "a tin can" and that Heathcliff had a death wish. However, Heathcliff was able to calm down DMR for the moment had made one last jump to between mercury and SOLEL. This last jump though, was detected on Karl's ship and his dispatched a strike force to intercept and destroy the ship.

Karl's battlecruiser and four Ban-Hammer class Assault Cruisers appeared and immediately engaged
Infinty mac

An Infinity-class battlecruiser firing at the Hecate.

Heathcliff's ship. The two sides traded fire but neither was significantly damaged. Luring them in, Heathcliff deployed mines and jumped towards Eafth, and appearing in atmosphere, there by avoiding most of the defenses. As he started his run on Omega, the sky filled up with anti-air fire and Chat ships moving in the engage the Hecate. Heathcliff deployed more mines and fired his play load at the city. However, the Chat was able to destroy most of the bombs and mines before they could do any damage, though some bombs fund their targets. Then, an Infinity class ship hit the Hecate with a Super MAC, forcing it to flew.

DMR, at this point was fed with Heathcliff and decided to go after Hatsune Miku on his own. Heathcliff tried to convince him otherwise, words led to weapons being drawing with DMR threatening to kill anyone to who tried to stop him. Heathcliff, needing DMR for his plan, had Sinon immobilize him and he was taken prisoner, for "treason". 


Heathcliff, afraid that DMR was going to jump ship and ruin his plan, Heathcliff had tried to convince him to stay, and when that failed, Heathcliff knocked DMR out and brought him to his own cell. By the time DMR got back to his senses, he was tied down to the room and gas was put in through the vents to knock him out, since he was harming himself trying to remove the restraints. However, DMR was able to overcome the gas, and just relaxed in the cell, pretending to be blacked out.

Back in Vid and Forerunner's cell, Heathcliff was now trying to be polite to them. He said he did not want to kill them and that if they would help him, they could live. Vid decided it was better than rotting in this cell, while Foreunner still defied Heathcliff, ignoring him and keeping to himself. Vid was invited to join Heathcliff for dinner where Vid started answering his questions about the Chat. However, their dinner was cut short when DMR attempted to escape. He broke out of his cell, and destroyed one of the robotic guards before they restrained him and threw him back in the cell, this time with heavy tungsten chains.

Later, Heathcliff invited all three of them to the bridge to show them the planet of Epsilon Indus, and asked the if anyone knew what happened here. Though Forerunner answered his questions, Heathcliff informed him that he was wrong, and said the The Chat Civil War began here, though Foreunner argued it started at Yavin V. Heathcliff then revealed that Hatsune Miku was his sister and he said she was taken from here. His plan was to exact revenge on Knightmare for what he did to his sister. Then, Heathcliff spoke into the coms saying "Alpha, Beta, Omega" and a woman with light-brown hair appeared. Heathcliff said that this was his daughter, Andare, and that Sinon was the mother. In one last move, Heathcliff injected DMR with a poison and shad resident robots move DMR outside of a slip-space blast radius, in order to keep DMR alive. However, DMR's years of training under Jango Al Ghul allowed him to recover more quickly from the injection, although he was still rescued by Jess and her squad after Commander Heathcliff initiated an underground Slip-space jump. 

Karl: POW

With the bombing of Omega done, Karl was hungry to get back into the fight. The same strike forced he led to fight Heathcliff, he used to travel to Gaeto and take on the known Dinofox presence on the Planet. Engaging the GF III, Karl boarded his personal fighter to lead a bombing run on the GF III. Already one of Karl's assault ships was heavily damaged, and the GF III's shields were down. Charging at the ship, what Karl didn't realize that he was flying into a trap. As soon has Karl was close enough, they activated the tractor beam and pulled him in. Karl, not wanting to go down without a fight, ejected and forced his fighter to crash into the GF III, exploding and damaging the beam, though it still had enough power to pull him in. Fox ordered XD droids to capture Karl, though he quickly mopped them up with his plasma dagger and M9H.

Tractor beam gf iii

The GF III using it's tractor beam.

Jess now appeared, though she did not want to kill Karl. Though the two fought each other for a couple minutes, Jess was able to convince Karl to help them bring down Heathcliff together. Karl knew where Miku and Knightmare where, since Heathcliff was looking for them. Dinofox would be able to operating independently and give Karl some of the best individual soldiers in the galaxy. With Karl on board, four T-Rex class Assault Cruisers appeared and engaged the three assault cruisers. While they were easily destroyed, they bought the GF III enough time to escape the barrage of fire from the infinity battlecruisers. It jumped, leaving the four cruisers to be annihilated by the Chat ships.

Resistance ships fire

They put up a fight but where no match for the Chat.

The Final Confrontation

Karl and his AI, Blue, contacted Knightmare and Miku to get a fix on their location. They confirmed they were on the small planet of Catoonie. For the time being, Karl did not tell them he was working with Dinofox. While the GF III was making its way towards the planet, Blue discovered that Miku was Commander Heathcliff's sister. This came as a surprise to Karl, who decided he needed to get more information from Knightmare on the situation. Landing on the planet, Karl left to go to the Chat base on Catonnie, code named Puppy Face. 

Karl met up with Knightmare and they have a discussion about Miku's history. Knightmare said that Miku's short term memory was lost and that her brain was severely damaged along with her nerve endings. He also added that he could never program that much of a lust for blood and that that was something that was ingrained in her before they ever even met. Lastly, when Karl told Knightmare that Heathcliff would becoming to exact revenge for his sister, Knightmare said he would do whatever it took to protect her. 

While this was happening, Commander Heathcliff was in the Oort Cloud of the system, and ordered a slip-space jump to the atmosphere of the planet. Commander Heathcliff left the Hecate in an orbital drop pod and headed towards the planet. As soon as
Catoonie pod

Heathcliff approaching Catoonie.

the pod left the ship, Blue started tracking the pod. However, before the pod landed, Heathcliff jumped out of the pod and Blue lost his heat signature due to the intense heat coming off the pod. Fox sent out a good portion of his fighters and VTOLs to scan the area and find Heathcliff. Karl, Jess, Miku, and Knightmare took up a position outside the base with almost 20 extra troops. DMR took up a position on a nearby mountain, covering the entire area. After a short time, Heathcliff opened up commutation with Karl, and later on open communications. After Karl saying they would leave since they could not confirm Commander Heathcliff was even there, he appeared by deactivating his active camouflage, in a desert camouflage ghillie suit, and a standoff ensued.  Fox then decided to appear when the situation began to deteriorate, and Heathcliff shot down Fox's Arwing II with Sinon's  PGM Hecate II, that was previously hidden in the ghillie suit. Although DMR responded by firing back with his Barrett DC99-S2, damaging the PGM Hecate's sights, and slightly lowering Commander Heathcliff's shields. Then, Karl and Heathcliff began talking.
Dmr desert sniper

DMR providing covering fire.

Heathcliff wanted Knightmare dead and to have his sister back; Karl was happy to give over Sasha, but he wanted his Admins back, alive. Heathcliff, would not budge, stating that he would not give up two admins for someone who did not believe she was even a prisoner. He also stated that if he died, so would the Admins. Karl wanted to avoid any bloodshed, and for once, did not want people dying. They continued to talk until
Robotic pods

Robotic troops entering the battle.

Heathcliff jumped first, and charged past Karl at an incredible speed at Miku with his sword. However, Hatsune Miku and Knightmare shot him before he could even reach them, falling to the ground. The pair then shot his skull several times, and he then dissolved into fragments. Suddenly, Heathcliff appeared from behind Knightmare, and stabbed Knightmare with his sword so forcefully, Knightmare was lifted 1.5 meters in the air. Heathcliff almost killed Knightmare, and in response, Knightmare activated his back up plan. Hatsune Miku self destructed, completely destroying the body. Then the skies opened with landing pods deployed from the Hecate. While some where shot out of the sky, others landed and a firefight began with some of Commander Heathcliff androids. Karl, Knightmare, and DMR handled Heathcliff, Knightmare and Heathcliff being both very badly wounded. DMR was able to help cover the two and slow down Heathcliff, though it was not much. Jess and the agents fought off Heathcliff's robotic troops, covering the flank of the duo as they handled Heathcliff. Commander Heathcliff then used his camouflage unit, though it only partially work to enter one of his drop pods, and used a mobile slip-space generator to create a slip-space portal and escape. Knightmare's troops then took him to a shuttle and they left the planet to get more Chat. Karl was left there, with Blue, and could only wonder what would happen next. 


Heathcliff's escape and the failure to save the Admins meant that Karl has failed his initial mission. Working with the enemy only dug Karl into a deeper grave, one that he knew he could not climb out of. Knightmare, reaching safety, radioed the Chat and they sent half of the fleet towards the planet. Karl, keeping his end of the deal, warned Dinofox of the approaching Chat fleet, and told them to scramble. Karl knew they could not fight back the amount of Chat coming, not to mention he did not want anymore Chat blood on his hands. They left in the GF III leaving Karl and Blue by themselves as the Chat arrived in force. Sgt D Grif and Darth TheHackingDog personally arrested Karl on the counts of Treason and conspiring with the Enemy.

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