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Set in a fictional universe, a team of misfits fights an evil Empire (named the 'Chat' empire) determined to grasp everything in sight.  The entire setting is based partially on numerous parodies (Halo, Internet memes/lingo, Star Fox, Star Wars, the ancient Dinosaurs and more...), but with a dramatic and rather serious structure.  

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Official Storyline | Act I
Battle of Havin IV | Flood Troll Crisis | Sector W Conflict | Battle for Planet Blood | Battle of Sargasso Space Zone | Skirmish on New Port Cache | Saurian Ceti IV Crisis | Fall of Yoth | Fall of Yoth, Part 2 | Gaeto Skirmishes | Regroup | Hunt for Commander Heathcliff | Battle of Eafth | Delegation at Gaeto | Bombing of Gaeto | Invasion of Mu Gasto
Official Storyline | Act II
Invasion of Beta Maximus 35b | Invasion of Beta Maximus 35b, Part 2 | Entilightenment Discovery | The Enticounter | New Eden Crisis | New Eden Crisis, Part 2 | The Hunt for Mandalore | Return to Yoth | Awakening | Conflict on Planet Hurricane | Return to Yoth, Part 2 | Brutality on New Haven | Return to Yoth, Part 3 | Return to Yoth, Part 4
Official Storyline | Act III
Investigation on Koraulak | Investigation on Koraulak, Part 2 | Attack on Dark Oculus | Attack on Dark Oculus, Part 2 | Defense of Beta Maximus 35b | Defense of Beta Maximus 35b, Part 2 | Interrogation of Haloprov | Battle of Turesta | Operation: Retribution | Back on Gaeto | Battles of New Haven and New Havantartica | Battle of Chat Star 2
Official Storyline | Act IV
Fallen Discovery | Second Battle of New Eden | Fallen Migration
Official Storyline | Alternative Timeline
Rise of the Sirens | Grabber Invasion of Gaeto | Archaeological Warfare | Wet Wars | Siege of New Arcadia | Wet Wars, Part 2 | Wet Wars, Part 3 | UFO | Chat Empire Negotiations | Republic Negotiations | Intergalactic Invasion | Visius' Interrogation | Intergalactic Invasion, Part 2 | Jak's Captivity | Battle of Xuari | Battle of Xuari, Part 2 | Yavin V Conference


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