Wanted... Dead or Alive

Part of the team, seen on a wanted poster.

Team Heretic Dinofox is the main group of people that the Team Heretic Dinofox universe revolves around. The Team's whole goal is to wipe out the Chat Empire, wherever it is. The team is made up of various individuals, who have come not only from different walks of life, but even completely different galaxies.



- Fox McCloud (Leader/Ace pilot)

- Raptorclaw (Second in command/Scout)

- Unnamed Field Marshall (Tactical Expert/Sword Expert)

- DMR (Designated Marksman/Sniper/Assassin)

- General SheerAvenger (Political character who asks for their help very often)

Honorary Members

- L377UC3 (Pilot/Tactician)

- This War is Ours (Lieutenant of Field Marshall/Engineer/Assassin)

Additional Followers

- Lord of the STARS (Independent Mercenary)

- Xytan 'Montrumai (Leader of Field Marshall's Spec Ops forces/Assassin)

- Nikolai Pereshenko (Guerrilla warfare/Black Ops)

- Yozoz (Leader of Field Marshall's Unggoy/Spec-Ops Ultra)

- Trol' Lolam (Leader of the Lolam' Keep)

- Drullkus (CEO of Drullkus Industries Interuniversal)

- Uvok (Jiralhanae liaison)

- Jak (Kig-Yar liaison)


- Delta SEALS

- New Galactic Republic

- Savior Team

- Tacit Ronin (Spec Ops Unit)

Guardians of Eden

The Resistance

Civilian Militia