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The Chat Civil War First Raid on Koraulak

The Slipspace Rift Incident is an incident caused by the Chat Empire splitting slipspace crystals, in order to give them to an Administrator. By splitting the crystals, they hoped to tap into a new source of energy since the sheer force of the crystals being pulled apart was enormous.

While they were partially successful in creating a new form of energy, it also created an inadvertent side effect, it opened up one way slipspace portals, called rifts. Theses rifts accidentally opened portals from several alternate universes, and STARS, Unnamed Field Marshall and Fox were unfortunately sucked into the rift. This is the explanation for their entrance from their realms into the Heretic Dinofox realm.

Unnamed Field Marshall entering the Team Heretic DinoFox universe.

Participants (Pre-2554)

Participants (April, 2554)

Participants (September, 2554)

Participants (October, 2554)

Participants (June and July, 2557)

Participants (November, 2557)

  • Centurion Team
  • Jerome 113 (And the League)

Participants (Unknown point in time)