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Battle for Planet Blood Saurian Ceti IV Crisis

New Port Cache2

The space battle raged for hours.

The Skirmish on New Port Cache was a conflict involving the Elite 

Remnant Legion and Team Heretic Dinofox on and around New Port Cache.


THDF often used New Port Cache to refuel and recharge so when General B.H. started bombing the mercenary asteroid, the Great Fox III immediately engaged.

Standoff and Space Battle

Fox encountered their leader, General B.H., on the Asteroids surface. After a standoff, Fox was shot in the shoulder, and many of B.H.'s forces were killed. Fox spent a day in recovery, and after a day BH's forces returned for a space battle. DMR was ejected from his Broadsaber Comet, nearly killing the mercenary. Then, the Ultra 'Bepoy' engaged DMR in hand to hand combat in space. DMR temporarily pushed the EVA Ultra away from him and Fox fired a Smart bomb right at Bepoy, vaporizing him.


BH's forces pushed THDF back to near capitulation, until a compromise was made. Hostilities still flared, but BH recognized the Chat as a large threat.  


  • This conflict was the first appearance of General B.H.
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