SharpYar helicopter fleet

The SharpYar's technology is much greater then the other tribes.

The SharpYar are a faction of humanoids that resemble biped birds or dinosaurs lacking tails. They are a sub-species of Kig-Yar. The SharpYar thrived on Saurian Ceti IV.


A long time before the SharpYar ruled Saurian Ceti IV, a similar species ruled the planet. An advanced race known as the Foregunner found the planet and this species, and decided that the precursor SharpYar's were too dangerous to the planet, and had to be eliminated. The Foregunners created three artificial moons that destroyed the planets ecosystem, and then rebuilt it without that certain species. The Foregunners left three buried relics across the mega-continent 'Eayrunner', and when combined and activated, they could activate the moons again. If one of the relics were activated, it would activate it's moon and vaporize anything in orbit.

Thousands of years later, the ecosystem was rebuilt and a similar species known as the SharpYar dominated much of the mega-continent Eayrunner. The SharpYar were able to create advanced helicopters, and commonly used massive parked shuttles as their homes.  
Sharpyar trooper

A typical SharpYar trooper, they can field hundreds of thousands of them in times of war.

Team Heretic Dinofox arrived in the Saurian Ceti system to respond to the crisis with the recently found relics.  Meanwhile, the SharpYar were kidnapping the bordering CloudYanme'e's Queen. They hoped to find the relic with her, but received nothing. DMR managed to kill the SharpYar protecting the Queen, and shortly afterwards a shuttle was sent with supplies to aid the ground squad tasked with obtaining the relics. A SharpYar helicopter shot the shuttle down, and almost alerted the SharpYar of the Team's presence. Before this though, a missile sent from the Great Fox III shot the helicopter down. The ground squad retreated to the CloudYanme'es nation with the SharpYar in pursuit;  General Scars, leader of the SharpYar, led the assault and reached the CloudYanme'es capital. The Chat Empire temporarily joined forces with the SharpYar, even though the Chat only wanted to take the moons and relics so they could use them as weapons. Even though, the Chat assisted with bombing the helpless CloudYanme'e and EarthKig nations. A large battle occurred between the Chat and SharpYar against the CloudYanme'e, EarthKig, The Resistance and Team with Scars dying and the Chat being driven back. The short lived war was won with the relics taken for decommission. 

After their General was killed and most of their air forces destroyed, the SharpYar retreated to their hidden colonies and isolated themselves from most galactic society.



  • The SharpYar have received basic FTL technology and vessels from the Chat, after the SharpYar decided to enlist as a splinter of the Chat.