Stealth ship chat

A lone Banshee coming out of slip space.

A stealth ship that allows Chat Forces to sneak past their enemies and hit them where they least expect it. 


At 800 meters long, what she lacks in size she makes up for in firepower. Armed with 20 M90 Saber Missile Pods, 2 dark matter accelerators, 6 heavy point defense turrets, and 12 M30 W80 nuclear mines, a single banshee can halt an entire fleet. To protect herself, she is made of the same material found on The Hecate, with double the shielding, plus cloaking and other stealth technology. The down side to this ship is it cannot hold very many other vehicles, being able to only carry 4 dropships or 10 fighters. The ship also cannot travel very fast and it takes a long time to warm up before take off. Only a few have been built and are used primarily for scouting missions. However, the Chat Empire is now using them to sneak up on enemy fleets and harass them at all costs. 

The ex-Chat Admin Karl received one from ex-Admin Wilc0 during the events of The Chat Schism. This banshee was equipped with a still in beta point to point tracking feature allowing the banshee to track any ship through out the galaxy. This tech was stolen from the Chat, who also possess this point to point tracking feature; though, this system still has bugs in it that need to be flushed out. The ship now acts as Karl's flagship, though he has modifed his to be able to hold twice the amount of vehicles at the cost of six missile pods.