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Sargasso Wolf

Blue the Timber Wolf firing on Fox. Note the Chat's base in the background.

The Sector W conflict was a major battle between The Resistance and Team Heretic Dinofox against the Chat Empire in the Sector W Zone, which was a major asteroid field. The Team attempted to kidnap the Administrator Vidmas7er from the Sector W, and succeeded while the resistance distracted most of the Chat's forces. The Team's victory was short lived, as a supercarrier, and about 30 ships, blocked the exit to the asteroid field. Eventually, the Team hijacked the Super Carrier and drove it right into the rest of the enemy fleet, detonated it, and thus destroyed the base, all enemy fighters and the fleets' forces. 


The team was given support from a fleet sent by General SheerAvenger777 to capture an Administrator of the Chat Empire: Vidmas7er. The team was given enhanced weapons for the mission, but they were still outnumbered deeply. After arriving in the asteroid field that held the base, the resistance's fleet created a distraction and drew the Chat's attention elsewhere. Fox went for Vidmas7er, while DMR and STARS went for other vital things (Defenses and Power supply). During the firefight, Fox crushed the airlock outside of the HQ where Vidmas7er was, killing the guards in the hallway surrounding the HQ while the rest of the team infiltrated different parts of the base, destroyed vital supplies, and killed multiple Chat troopers.

Fox landed his Arwing II starfighter near the HQ of the base, and eventually opened the HQ doors. Once inside, he was met with hastily set up turrets and many elite guards. After dispatching these foes, he was met by an armored exoskeleton containing Vidmas7er. A huge firefight ensued, ending with Vidmas7er's defeat. He returned Vidmas7er to the team's Capital ship with the rest of the team giving cover fire, only to be met by a huge fleet advancing on the team. The fleet's leader, Blue the Timber Wolf, found and harassed Fox and the Great Covenant-Human Autumn-Class Tactical Asteroid suffered major damages.

A supercarrier blocking the only safe exit outside of the asteroid field was boarded by DMR and Fox, and eventually flown into the enemies base, destroying everything, with the Field Marshall's forces suffering casualties. The team narrowly escaped whatever was left of the wreckage and handed Vidmas7er over to General Sheer's resistance for interrogation.  

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