A Ruffian-Class Battleship in the Sector.

Sector W is a location in the Heretic Dinofox Universe. It is a major asteroid field, with many military bases installed in it.


It was the site of a major battle between The Resistance and Team Heretic Dinofox, against a Chat controlled space base. The Team wanted to enter the base to find the Administrator Vidmas7er, and safely return him to the Resistance for interrogation. FoxSTARS and DMR all entered the base, and Fox went for Vidmas7er while STARS and DMR practically turned the base completely off. When the Team captured Vid, Fox ferried him back to the GCH-AC-TA and the team began their way out of the Sector W. The only safe way out of the asteroid field was blocked by an Infinity class supercarrier, and the Team set out to destroy it. After sabotaging the supercarrier, and plotting it's course into the base, the Team exited the asteroid field with Vidmas7er hostage.

Little is known about Sector W afterwards, other then the space base was destroyed leaving little to rebuild in the zone. Like the Sargasso Space Zone, Sector W is an area in space that sees heavy traffic from both the military and civilian population. 

It was also the location of the Choldova Incident in 2557.