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Raid on the Sixth Fleet of Trolling Fall of Yoth

The Saurian Ceti IV Crisis was a conflict between Team Heretic Dinofox, the EarthKig, CloudYanme'e and Elite Remnant Legion vs the SharpYar tribe and the Chat Empire.

Ceti space battle

One of the many space battles that took place through out the system.


The system of Saurian Ceti IV is split between three major groups, the CloudYanme'e, the SharpYar and EarthKig tribes. Out of the three, the SharpYar are by far the largest and most powerful tribe, and on more then one occasion they have had skrimishes with the other two tribes. Most of these fights were over three relics which the CloudYanme'e had kept hidden behind their borders. The relics could be used to transform three moons into a planet flying weapon. Thie weapon had only been used once before to topple a corrupt governmnet and the CloudYanme'e and Earthkig tribes swore to never use them again.

The SharpYar, with the Help of the Chat Empire, were trying to gain these three relics to prevent "the destruction of their people and way of life." What was soon to follow was some of the heaviest fighting in years. The Team was called in by The Resistance so they could extract the relics from the three major nations on the supercontinent Eayrunne. When they arrived, they faced no challenge except for primitive anti-meteor satellites placed there by the superior SharpYar tribe.


Fox and DMR landed in the least advanced nation in the warring supercontinent of Eayrunner, the EarthKig tribe. Fox and DMR were talking back and forth with each other as they wandered into the EarthKig capital. When they arrived, no one was in sight and they walked down the streets on separate sides. When Fox heard a loud -thud- sound. He whipped over to briefly see DMR impaled by a blunt object from multiple people, and began to run over to the shadowy figures when he was taken down by a single local. Fox and DMR woke up in a basement, tied up and under interrogated, until they finally persuaded the locals to let them free, and eventually give up their relic.

The duo then advanced to the CloudYanme'e tribe, and shortly before this they were met by surprise help from the Elite Remnant Legion. The two Sangheili that came to assist accidentally almost gave up the duo's location from the Sangheili's orbital insertion.  

When the newly formed squad reached the CloudYanme'e capital city, they were met by mass panic in the cities. They managed to find out that the Queen of the CloudYanme'e has been taken hostage by the SharpYar nation, and then the squad went to the nearby mountains to look for her. The squad found her guarded by several SharpYar, and DMR proceeded to snipe all of them before they could react. A shuttle of supplies sent by Lord of the STARS made its decent, but an advanced SharpYar helicopter shot the shuttle down. Only two of the Delta SEALS survived the crash, and the SharpYar helicopter was soon shot down by the orbiting Great Fox III.  

Tribe sharp

An offensive base used by the SharpYar.

After the Queen was accidentally wounded, she was returned to her nation and the CloudYanme'e gave up their relic for their help. The SharpYar general, General Scars, proceeded to wipe out the entire CloudYanme'e nation for good, and got surprise help from the Chat Empire. The Chat and SharpYar worked together to make their way to the CloudYanme'e capital, and a huge fight occured for a final battle for the relics. The Chat attempted to steal the relics so they could relocate the moons for use as WMD's, and secretly had little care for the much less evolved SharpYar. When General Scars made his way to the capital, he grabbed Fox by the neck. Fox responded by throwing his slung Sniper Rifle to DMR, and DMR proceeded to shoot Scars. Accidentally hitting Fox in the shoulder, DMR's shot went straight through Scars' skull, killing him. The SharpYar made a retreat, and without them the Chat also retreated. The battle shifted to space, and from there it was eventually won by a combined effort of the Resistance and Dinofox.

After a few hours, a shuttle left the Great Fox III to pick up the members of the Team, and the relics were immediately decommissioned afterwards. The moons of Sauria Ceti IV were finally left peaceful for the first time in generations.

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