Saurian Ceti IV airspace during the battle of Saurian Ceti IV.

Saurian Ceti IV is a planet in the Heretic Dinofox Universe.


The planet is home to the EarthKig faction, the CloudYanme'e faction and the SharpYar faction. All of these factions have a capital city that is somewhat large. The three major factions each have a powerful relic that when activated together, activates the planet's three artificial moons that completely renders the surface uninhabitable. Much of the planet's surface is made up of oddly tall and skinny mountains, and thus makes it difficult to get from one nation to another, often requiring going through another nation to get to a destination on foot. It was the site of the major conflict, know as the Saurian Ceti IV crisis, which made the SharpYar tribe nearly go extinct, and resulted in much blood spilled in the CloudYanme'e capital. With the help of Heretic Dinofox and The Resistance, they were able to finally bring peace to the planet.

Saurian ceti surface

Surface of Saurian Ceti IV

Ceti mountains

Some of the many mountain ranges on the planet.