Space zone

A portion of the Sargasso Space Zone.

The Sargasso Space Zone is a zone in space commonly known for the Chat's activity in the area. Administrators commonly used the Sargasso Space Zone to regroup with other Adminstrators, as seen in the Raid on the Sixth Fleet of Trolling. Little is known about the Zone itself, except for that the Sixth Fleet of Trolling came under attack from Team Heretic Dinofox in the zone. The zone, like Sector W, contains vast amounts of asteroids, but unlike Sector W, the zone is in dead space.  

The Space zone is also used heavily by civilain transports, as it is an easy and quick way to cross the Troll Quadrant of the galaxy. However, pirates are known to sometimes hijack ships in an attempt to make a quick score. This, along with the Raid on the Sixth Fleet, led to an increase in a Chat presense in the Sargasso Zone. Though after the events of the The Chat Schism, the Chat has been forced to pull a lot of ships in this area to help address their recent loss in space combat effectiveness. 


  • Researchers conclude that the zone was the victim of a very violent event where two rogue planets collided, and a few very large asteroids managed to stay stationary.