“Honor through skill, wisdom through experience, and victory through illumination. Out of darkness, these blades will light our way.”

The Ronin is a Spec Ops unit under the command of the Unnamed Field Marshall. It was originally a Zealot team that participated in the Fall of Reach, in which it took 90% casualties. The Covenant hierarchy thought it would be more cost-effective to convert it to a support unit, and the team remained that way until the events of the Great Schism. Post-war, however, the Ronin are the ultimate form of battlefield versatility; they are expert infiltrators, and are also fully capable of leading the charge against enemy lines.


Originally, the unit, operating under the name Silent Ronin, was one of various Zealot teams tasked with recovering Forerunner artifacts during the Human-Covenant War. In 2552, in the midst of the Reach Campaign, the entire team (except the Field Marshall) was killed off by Noble Team (hence why 10 Zealots are encountered in Halo: Reach). The Field Marshall miraculously survived the Battle of Aszod after dueling with the final member of Noble, and attempted to form a new elite team. This became reality during the Great Schism. After 2553, the unit, now known as the Tacit Ronin, along with the rest of the Scouting Fleet of Generous Distribution, entered the THDF Universe through a Slipspace Rift.

Post-War Era

The team consisted of 10 Sangheili members, excluding the Unnamed Field Marshall that commands it. When the Field Marshall is unable to personally lead the unit, the Assassin Engineer Medic Scout, codename "This War is Ours" acts as the Field Commander. Their actions heavily influenced the outcome of many conflicts in the early years of the THDF war on the Chat, including the Bombing of the Chat Supercarrier, the rallying effort that followed, the raid on the SharpYar scouting vessel, and the infiltration of the Sharp-Yar bunker. 

The unit had not seen much action since the events on Gaeto unfolded, and the Sangheili, TWIO, having been presumed KIA. They remained in this position until 2557.

TWIO reappeared on the planet of Beta Maximus 35b, where he was being held prisoner by The Mandalorian Empire. The Tacit Ronin, with help from a fleet under the command of Lord of the STARS, launched an attack on the planet in an effort to free him. During the invasion, the veteran Zealots were tasked with infiltrating the colony and eliminating anti-aircraft towers to allow Phantoms to deploy troops into the city. When General 'Kunol secured a market street as a landing zone, the Tacit Ronin assisted by recovering wounded officers to the medical transports, and simultaneously picking off Mandalorian snipers. Two members also went toe-to-toe against the deadly Mandalorian Assassins, being able to hold their own for several minutes before reinforcements forced the foes to flee. One Ronin Sangheili managed to slay a Mandalorian Field Master, although at the cost of his life. As per tradition, another Zealot was moved into the unit to keep it up to full strength at ten members. Directly after the victorious battle against the Mandalorians, the Tacit Ronin was given shore leave at the home of the Kig-yar Fleet.

Unfortunately, there was no rest for the weary, as the Black Fang and its mysterious associates launch a large scale terror war on New Eden. The unsuspecting Sangheili were attacked in their luxury suites by unknown assailants and participated in the attempts to rally their scattered forces, some of whom were completely oblivious to the events. After making it to the relay station and giving orders to the rest of the fleet, a naga assassin attacked them while they were busy and killed three members.

After New Eden, the only active member was 'Quirov, the second-in-command. Shortly afterward, the New Ronin unit was founded. The Ronin rebuilt itself from the ashes a second time, this time employing only energy swords and cloaking to complete their missions, effectively becoming a Stealth Sangheili unit. The post-2558 unit operated under the name New Ronin.

Named Active Members

  • 'Quirov - One of two surviving members of the original Ronin unit.
  • Agro 'Taralam - The other surviving original Ronin. Before he was in the Ronin, he was a member of Ranger Team Echo.

Named Deceased/Former Members

  • 'Merum- [KIA-2554] A mid-range marksman within the team. He kept personal log entries to measure his mental growth and increasing experience. He was known to be highly religious and lacked a fear of death or injury. He was killed during the Battle over Planet Blood while spotting for Ranger Team Echo.
  • 'Olvam- [KIA-2557] A close combat specialist who utilized two energy swords. He was killed on Beta Maximus 35b by a Mandalorian Assassin.
  • Dammk 'Ratam - [KIA-2558] Joined the Human-Covenant War in 2542, 'Ratam and his brother fought for the Covenant in many successful battles. After the Great Schism, he spent most of the rest of the war tracking down the brute chieftain that murdered his brother. He was one of the original second generation members of the Tacit Ronin. He was killed on New Eden when the Naga assassin, Minnae, used his own sword to cut him in half.
  • Haas Mek 'Odali - [KIA-2558] A close-combat specialist that was recruited into the Ronin shortly after the Beta Maximus invasion. He was killed on New Eden via bisection when the Naga assassin, Minnae, used the late-zealot 'Ratam's energy sword against him.
  • Lat 'Nosol - [KIA-2558] The son of Isna 'Nosolee, and the best spy on the team. He was killed on New Eden when the Minnae snapped his neck and crushed his head.
  • 'Demunth - [Retired-2558] Founder of the Elite Heretics unit, which saw significant action during the Fall of Reach. It was revealed he had severe heart problems after his near-fatal clash with Minnae on New Eden, forcing him to retire.
  • TWIO - [Retired-2558] He has served in practically every branch of the Sangheili special forces within the covenant, including the Dark Assassins, Special Ops, B.O.B. Rangers, and the Royal Zealots, to name a few. He resigned from the Ronin in 2558 after a conflict with General BH.


  • The Ronin is the Scouting Fleet's equivalent to the Delta SEALS.
  • Tacit Ronin was the name of the original Jaegar mech in the movie Pacific Rim.
  • The team was heavily inspired by Chalk Unit from Mark Bowden's Black Hawk Down.
  • Zealot 'Ratam is the first deceased member whose name was not revealed post-mortem.