Cornerian Cruiser

A fleet of resistance-controlled cruisers pushing back a Chat fleet.

The Resistance is an umbrella term for members of the former United Opedia, who remain loyal to the rebels' ideals in the wake of the Chat Civil War. The de facto leader of the remnant's main body is Ultra Force.


The resistance

Resistance troops advancing towards a Chat base.

The Resistance consists of a massive insurrection, made up of mostly civilians, lead by General SheerAvenger and assisted by Commander Heathcliff, who often help Team Heretic Dinofox in their duties. They have a substantial amount of ships, fighters, and weapons, but are currently struggling financially. Most of the insurrection is volunteer work, which is often life threatening. They are open to anyone joining their ranks, as long as they can fire a weapon or operate a vehicle. Their troops are known for their toughness and bravery. However, despite their training, they lack the combat skills of their Chat enemies.

The Back with a Vengeance works very closely with the resistance sometimes, pursuing resistance objectives over Team Heretics Dinofox objectives. 


The Resistance has engaged in too many battles with the Chat Empire to count, with many victories and defeats. When Team HereticDinofox was first formed, the Resistance would often back them up on maby missions. However, as more and more groups managed to accidentally stumble into the Galaxy and join arms against the chat, the Resistance has grown more and more powerful. Many armies of members of THDF have merged into the Resistance to grow its force larger and larger. Meanwhile, other sovereign groups such as the Guardians of Eden, also pledge loyalty and support to the Resistance.

However, while this adds much more strength in theory, it causes issues in chain of command both in and out of missions, mostly in cases of mid-rank soldiers. For example, a Resistance Private knows that he should take orders from the Scouting Fleet Field Marshall, but a Resistance Major could easily become confused and get into command struggles with an Eden Commodore, as there is no clear inter-branch rank hierarchy.


  • The Resistance commonly briefs the Team on their next mission and often provides them with firing support, when all other options are spent.
  • Rumor has it that they are what is left of the United Opedia.
  • With the outbreak of the Chat Schism, they were engulfed into the Civilian Militia, as the Resistance and Militia became conjoined as an umbrella term for unorganized groups fighting the Chat.