Dino destroyer

Two Destroyer Escorts

The Raptor-Class Destroyer Escort, one of most common starships used by the Resistance.


Known for being quick and having decent firepower, groups like The Resistance and Team Heretic Dinofox have heavily modified these escorts to go toe to toe with the Chat's navy. To make room for their main gun, known as the "Super MAC", they hanger bay was removed so the destroyer cannot launch fighters. The ship also has 10 point defense guns, 4 M50 Raven Missile Pods, and two medium beam plasma cannons, one on each side of the ship. The Raptor class was also given a better engine and a stronger shield to help in survive in combat. The length of the destroyer escort is about .7km, but it packs a lot more of a punch then standard ships of that size. Since most resistance groups can't have navies with massive ships, they will take these small escorts and give them the tools to at least damage the Chat's larger, more important ships.  

Super mac

A Raptor class Destroyer Escort firing it's "Super MAC".


Seen in many engagements against the Chat Empire, the most notable ones include the Saurian Ceti IV Crisis, The Battle of the Smiley Belt, the Assault on Sector M and the Fall of Yoth

Fox was able to get ahold of one during the Battle of Eafth, though it ended up crash landing on the planet