PGM Hecate

Sinon's main weapon

The PGM Hecate II is the personal Rifle used by Commander Heathcliff's pilot and comrade, Sinon.


The PGM Hecate II weighs at least 13.8 kilograms when unloaded, although the weight increases when fully loaded. It is normally 138 centimeters without additions to the barrel or changing the standard stock, while the barrel itself is 70 centimeters in length. It uses the archaic design of being a bolt-action rifle and having a seven-round detachable box magazine. The cartridge used by the PGM Hecate II is the .50 CAL BMG.

The PGM Hecate II has as an unaltered weapon has a muzzle velocity of 825 meters a second.


While it was originally intended for an anti-material sniper rifle, Sinon uses it as both and anti-material and andti-personnel Sniper Rifle. Since she also uses it against personnel, it can be extremely devasting even if it is a "minor" hit in the shoulder or leg.


  • Accurate
  • High bullet velocity
  • High penetration
  • High stopping power because of the .50 cal
  • Medium-high muzzle velocity


  • Somewhat heavy
  • Bulky
  • Slow rate of fire because of the Bolt action firing
  • Low ammo capacity
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