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Battle of Turesta Battle of New Haven
Hungry for revenge after the Chat Empire had launched a series of attack against the New Galactic RepublicKarl called together his best soldiers to strike back against the Chat.
Space refueling station

The Refueling station would be Karl's target.


Gaeto was just one of the many worlds attacked as Knightmare wanted to show the galaxy that the Chat Empire was still in charge. After the battle on Turesta, members of The Resistance and Heretic DinoFox had dinner together to try and put the days events behind them. It was a time for celebration, but for some people, it was time to strike back, and Karl was ready to show the Chat that the Republic was not going to back down. Karl had Lord of the STARS contact his wife while Karl get into contact with his personal hacker to figure out what his next target would be. Once S3kshun8 got back to him with a target, Karl get his team together and go over and plan their assault. 


Karl called together Tyler AlshwindMeganTalotJess McKathy, and Uvok, telling them about his plan. Knowing the Chat would have a good amount of warships in the area, and not caring about being stealthy, Karl told them that with help from Madam Saber, they would be using two hundred warships to assault the station and cover the insertion team as they went about retrieving a log book. What Karl hoped to gain from the log data was to track the movement on Chat Imperial ships through out the Smiley Belt System, hoping to find a weakness to exploit. Though some of the members were hesitant at first, Karl was able to convince them otherwise, rallying them up about how they needed to show the Chat they would not sit idly by while Republic worlds were sacked. Once the meeting was done, Karl told them they had twelve hours to prepare, to which he dismissed everyone.

Clothing store

One of the many clothing stores Megan would visit.

Seeing the chance to finally get her shopping done, Megan dragged Talot, Tyler and Jess with her as she wanted to go clothes shopping and to get them away from war, even if it was for half a day. Stars and Madam decided to tag along, while Uvok went back to base to inspect his gear for the upcoming mission. Megan was in heaven, having her friends try on the latest fashions while she got to play dress up with them, having them try on different outfits and styles.

Jess headshot

Jess, after Megan's makeover.

Battle Begins

Karl and Madam's task force left Gaeto and spirits were running high for the team as they prepared for the mission. Megan, on Karl's orders, had brought plastic explosives to ensure the station could not be used by the Chat after the battle. As soon as they exited slip space, they were meant with Chat anti-air defenses and warships as a small task force was already refueling there. They made for easy targets as the insertion pods were launched before the Chat could deploy fighter craft to intercept them. The assault team flew through space as they made their way to the station avoiding plasma fire and rockets as the station tried to deny the pods entry.

Republic fleet by station

Karl's forces move in on the station.

All the pods were able to deploy the operatives as the Chat defenses were to overwhelmed to stop them. As soon as they got into the station, the team started fighting their way towards the control room. Their goal was to use their speed to prevent the Chat from having adequate time to prepare their defenses.

In the Station

The team began their assault guns blazing as they fought security personal and Chat soldiers missing pieces of their armor as they had rushed into battle. Either way, they were no match for them as the elite soldiers mopped them up and proceeded to move through the station. However, as they moved through the base, they began to face more determined and heavily armed soldiers, including one carrying a PHMG. Though the Chat soldiers put up a more determined fight, they still feel victim as the assault team moved one step closer to the station's control room.

Tyler solo

Tyler taking cover.

In the space above the refueling station, the fight was not going much better for the Chat defense fleet, who were just as caught off by the sudden assault. The combination of Madam's brute force and Karl's tactical precision spelled doom for the Chat ships as they either retreated or were destroyed. Within minutes, the area around the station was declared secure, though Karl knew that the Chat would be back in force to deal with his forces. Not knowing how much time he had, he went about setting his ships up in a defensive manner around the base as he readied his forces for possibly another fight. Sure enough, slip space ruptures were detected as Chat ships poured out and engaged Karl and Madam's ships.

Grabbing the Intel

The team encounter rangers once they left the stair well, which came as a shock to all of them. Even when the rangers tried to flank the team, the assault force was able to beat them back and secure the control room. Setting up to defend the room, Jess inserted Blue so she could locate the Chat logs. Just as Blue was inserted, Chat forces attacked the room, forcing the group to hold them off until Blue could finish her job.

Out in space, the situation was starting to get worse as more Chat forces, including Infinity-class Battlecruisers and Banhammer-class Bane Cruisers coming in to help. Karl knew his force was out gunned and with Blue beginning the decryption process, he gave the order for more heavily damaged ships to start heading back to Gaeto. This was a delicate process, as with each ship that left, it meant Karl's force was becoming more and more outnumbered as the Chat's forces only grew. Karl was an experienced general, and with a determined fighter like Madam helping, he knew they were in good hands.

Knightmare head

Knightmare got closer to the group.

Blue worked as fast as she could, but more and more soldiers started to pour in. Trying to help, Talot grabbed two light machine guns as he provided fire support, but was so exposed he was hit enough times to drop him. Bleeding, Megan and Uvok helped him as they continued to hold their position. That is when Tyler made contact with Knightmare, who seemed to play with the team as shock troopers began showing up. Tyler's rifle did nothing as Knightmare crept closer, but as soon as Blue finished, they bolted for an extraction.


With Knightmare and soldiers in hot pursuit, the team raced down the station, not having time to planet explosives as they ran for their lives. Talot was bleeding out, but with Uvok carrying him and Jess giving him her bio-foam container, he was able to hold out long enough for the extraction pod to come and pick them up. With Knightmare still mocking them, the team pilled into the pod as it raced to Karl's ship and as soon as it was on board, they jumped back to Gaeto. With the Chat's ship logs in hand, and the operation was considered a success for the Republic, with them losing about 12,500 personal compared to the Chat's 27,200. Even with all of that though, the return of Knightmare sent a shiver down Karl's spine.

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