DMR wasted no time after Mu Gasto, not even taking time to repair his armor.

Operation Lifesaver was a solo mission undertaken by DMR after learning about Jess’s location during the Battle of Mu Gasto


With the battle on Mu Gasto winding down, DMR got to work integrating Jango Al Ghul, who he had just fought after realizing he was the one who kidnapped Jess. After over two days of trying to beat information out of him, it was actually Sinon who got Ghul to talk about where Jess was, appealing to him that this was DMR’s one and only chance to save his humanity. Realizing he did not want DMR to follow down his path anymore, he told him that Jess was currently being held on the planet of Gars III, and was being held in a brutal prison run by Hado Shinjitsu. Knowing time was running out, DMR took a pelican and left Mu Gasto by himself, determined to save Jess, and in essence, his humanity.

Screenshot (8)

Jango, bloody and beaten, could not be broken with just brute force.


As DMR approached the planet of Gars III, he made sure to not descend onto the planet until the prison was on the planet’s dark side. Using a stealth pelican, he slowly made his way through the planet’s atmosphere to do his best to keep the dropship’s heat signature to a minimum. After a tense hour, he finally landed about three kilometers from the base and went over his gear; a heavily modified ARM20C, his trusty DLGM911, two flash bangs, a M2 combat blade and ten pounds of plastic explosives. He moved slowly towards the prison, as he was not sure how much presence of security the Chat had there.

For Jess, the past few months had been a living Hell for her; she had been beaten, physically, mentally, and emotionally tortured, starved, and even raped at the hand’s of Shinjitsu. She had broken long ago, and was a shell of her former self, devoid of all emotion and hope. In her mind, tonight was just going to be like any other night as she curled herself up into a ball and cried herself to a light sleep, as she was also terrified she would be attacked during the night again.

Assault Begins

Framed teflon convoy night 1

The Chat prison convoy

DMR surveyed the area, making notes as to where his best plan of attack would be, and that’s when he saw a Chat convoy approaching the prison. Running to meet the convoy, he rolled underneath the last vehicle, riding on it’s under carriage to allow him to gain easy access to the prison. After a ten minute drive, the vehicles made it into the complex, and DMR was able to stay hidden the entire time until the convoy stopped. With the guards focused on getting the prisoners in line, DMR made his way to the prison’s ventilation shafts to get himself into the prison. Once in, DMR decided he needed to get to the security office to upload a computer virus and locate Jess.


The prison's security control room.


Chat riot soldiers

Moving through the prison slowly, DMR had to do his best to move quickly yet not make any noise to compromise his position. That is when he reached the command center for the prison’s security. Taking a deep breath, he checked his weapon before dropping down onto an unsuspecting guard. Landing on him, DMR quickly took out two with quick bursts from his rifle before pulling out his handgun and downing two more before they could even shoulder their weapons. Moving fast, he started a two step process, first locating Jess, and then uploading a virus given to him by Raptor before he left. This virus would override the prison’s cell security protocols, allowing the prisons to escape and throw the prison into a frenzy. After a tense forty seconds, DMR found Jess and uploaded the virus, before moving out. 

Jess heard the commotion going on outside as shouting soon lead to isolated gunfire. However, the gunfire soon increased as Jess just crawled to a corner, to afraid to see what was going on. During this, DMR was running through the prison, engaging some prison guards, since most of them were concerned about the maximum security prisoners escaping their cells and taking over parts of the prison. On the flip side, the prisoners were more then happy to let DMR by, he like most of the Chat’s high profile enemies were very popular amongst the prisoners. That’s when he reached Jess’s cell, and he stood there for a second, hoping she would be on the other side. 



DMR staring into Jess's cell.

DMR opened the door and was motionless, seeing Jess huddling up in the corner, covering her head and looking away from the door. He muttered the word “Jess” before she turned around and looked him dead in the eyes, responding with “Tyler.” Time seemed to slow down as DMR’s mask finally broke, and he knew right then and there it was his time to embrace his birth name, and that the galaxy would be better off if DMR never returned. Tyler ran over and hugged Jess, and the two embraced each other for a few seconds before he checked her over. In addition to her bruises and weakened body, both her ankles were severely broken, meaning he would have to carry Jess out. Carrying her on his back, and his pistol drawn, Tyler made his way towards a back wall; he was going to blow his way out.


Tyler and Jess had destroyed the wall, and we making their escape.

His plan of distracting the prison with a riot was working, as while the main goal was quelling the prisoners, Tyler was able to carry Jess undetected to a back wall. Setting her down, he gave her his pistol as he went to work planting the explosive to bust themselves out. Once that was done, he moved them back as he detonated the charging, destroying the wall and given them a straight shot of grabbing a vehicle and driving back to the pelican. However, as soon as they went outside, they became pinned down by machine gun fire from a guard tower.


Tyler hide Jess behind heavy cover as he had to deal with soldiers and a guard tower, effectively pinning him down. Unable to move, he realized that their chances of escaping were slipping away. That’s when he heard plasma fire from a different direction; escaped prisoners had taken out the tower and were giving Tyler and Jess their chance to make their get away. Hopping into a Chat jeep, he took off, crashing through fences as he made his way away from the prison as it descended into chaos. 


Tyler and Jess leaving Gars III for the galaxy's outer edges.

He took a deep breath as they drove away, he knew that he had just given up his only chance for a while to kill Shinjistu, but he had Jess back. Tyler knew her wounds would take sometime to heal, and he needed to figure out what his true fight was, and who he really was as a person. He set the coordinates to Yoth, he had gotten a transmission from Karl and he knew that Jess could get better medical care there.

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