Old Haven city

Due to a seismic event that destroyed most of the ground, Old Haven moved to the clouds.

“It really has its head in the clouds.”
— Old Haven tourist manager


On the surface of the planet, it is filled with poisonous gas that has killed most of life. However, the floating cities have climate control that ranges from 21 to 26 degrees Celsius. Because of this climate control, severe weather is extremely rare. 

It's cities are tourist destinations that millions visit every year. They are kept clean and the people there live the high life. There is little violence, crime, and poverty. For the citizens of this planet, there is no place like home. However, only the elitist can leave here, as the real estate is expensive and leaders do thorough background checks on all their citizens.


The planet's people have always been loyal to the Chat government, even when the Chat Empire came into power. However, it was up to Team Heretic Dinofox to save the planet when a flood parasite was accidentally released onto the planet. Though the Chat Empire tried to tell the people it was Dinofox who unleashed the parasite, the citizens knew otherwise. Now, they are confused as to who to follow and support. With the outbreak of the The Chat Schism, this planet has remained neutral through out the conflict.

This planet is also the home world of T3CHNOCIDE