Naboo revolt

New Naboo's capital, Presha, wasn't safe from the Chat.

"If we don't stand up to the Chat Empire, who will?" - John Alshwind


After the 118th elections, the new Chat Empire's first new laws banned most of the freedoms the galaxy had enjoyed for over 100 years. The Chat claimed it was to ensure peace between everyone, others saw it was a way to control their citizens.

While a few planets weren't happy with their government's new government, no planet was more out spoken then New Naboo. John and Jessica Alshwind, parents of the future Team Heretic Dinofox member Tyler Alshwind were major leaders in the New Naboo government. They decided to unite with other planets that were unhappy with the Empire and impose a trade embargo on the Chat until they gave the people back some of their freedoms. Seeing what had happened during The Chat Civil War, the Chat Empire's response, which was created by Admin Karl, was swift and brutal. 


Shock pod

Chat Shock Troops entering from outer space.

The Chat sent a small force of 25 ships to the relatively undefended planet. New Naboo had no idea that the Chat had sent an assault force to the planet. The first phase of the attack involved sending a small strike force, led by Hatsune Miku, to assault the Alshwind house hold. The house had no idea that they were coming and what guards were there were quickly killed and pushed aside. No one in the house was spared, except Tyler who was able to escape the house via a sewer waste tunnel. Once they burned the house to the ground, the rest of their forces moved in to continue to assault the planet.
Naboo burning

The sky rained down fire.

One flaw of the attack was the Chat was not quick enough to stop a few ships from leaving the planet. One of those ships unknowningly had Tyler Alshwind stored away on it. The Chat proceded level and sack cities with their assault ships and shock troops. Within a 48 hour period, what government officials had surivved the attack waved the white flag; after the Chat Empire threated to blow up the planet with their new Trololol Laser. The Chat then invited them to a peace conference only to slaughter them in cold blood. With all the planets leaders dead, the Chat then installed a Pro-Empire government and took complete control over the planet. The Chat had effectively cleared the planet of any anti-Chat voices. 
New naboo space port

The Alshwind house overlooking a space port. This is where Tyler was able to escape the planet.


The message the Chat sent was clear, "Join or die." The other planets who were intially with New Naboo flopped and threw out the trade embargo. Governments now were less likely to go against the Chat and a new era soon swept through the rest of the galaxy. With the death of Tyler's parents, he was left without a home and without a family. His life would soon change forever once the ship he had gotten on landed on Alpha Harmony. However, while most worlds would submit to Chat rule, a group known as The Resistance was born, leading to what would be known as the Galactic Chat War.