New Naboo (pre-chat)

New Naboo, located in the heart of the Sul System.

New Naboo is the birthplace of DMR and one of the cultural centers of The Galaxy. This planet has been the home to some of the galaxy's most powerful individuals until the Chat Empire attacked.


With a temperature that varies anywhere between -20 to 50 degrees Celsius, the planet had a very diverse ecosystem. Containing vast forests, deserts, and beaches, the planet was a travel destination for billions of people. New Naboo also contained a lot of cities where the galaxies elite lived a very relaxed life style. 


Around 4 billion people live in new naboo, 2 billion of them are gungans who live out in the country and in under water commuinities. The humans in new naboo live in either suburbs or cities, though isolated forest or mountain villages to exist. 

New Naboo Revolt

After the Chat Empire came into power, the planets' leaders were unsure of what to do. Some of them were happy with the galaxies new direction. However, other people, led by John Alshwind, did not want to follow the new system of government, decided to sanction the Chat and imposed a trade embargo on them. The Chat, fearing an uprising, decided to take action against New Naboo.

Using their Ban-Hammer class Assault Cruiser, the Chat Empire launched an attack on the weakly defended planet. One of the first places they hit was the Alshwind palace, killing every one except Tyler Alshwind, who was able to escape the house. Over the next 48 hours, the Chat destroyed many cities and killed hundreds of thousands of people. Only when the Chat threatened to blow up the whole planet with a Trolololol Laser did the planet officially surrender. The Chat then proceeded to execute most of the leaders and appointed pro-Chat officials instead. Fearing their planets would suffer the same fate, many of the planets' leaders in the Sul System immediately adopted Chat policies.