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Invasion of Beta Maximus 35b Second Battle of Yoth

The New Eden Crisis was a time of great trials for the Kig-Yar people and for the Lord of the Stars. Their home was viciously attacked by the Private Military Corporation known as the Black Fang. The mastermind behind these terrorist attacks was T3CHNOCIDE.


Kig-Yar intervention in the Chat Civil War

Since the Fall of Yoth, the Guardians of Eden have confronted the Chat and their allies, landed decisive blows, and constantly developed new and improved weapons like the Gravity Hatchets, Nanomites, Front Line Fighters, Blamite Energy Cutlasses, Pulse Laser Mk II, and Wraith 2.0s. T3CHNOCIDE was dispatched to New Eden to destroy it and eliminate this laboratory for the New Galactic Republic.

Arrival of THDF

After a series of war games simulations on the holo-deck of the Back with a Vengeance, THDF planned to get some R&R on the asteroid. Megan and Aylin tried on clothes on the Hecate while the Lord of the Stars inspected his home and Savior Team rested on the Back with a Vengeance.

While his teammates rested, Spartan Blake sneaked out and rendezvoused with his Naga contact, Minnae, where he struck a deal with the Chat. Spartan Blake would kill for the Chat and, in return, they would turn over the Maximite. Satisfied, Blake left the meeting, thinking that he would have plenty of time with his beloved teammates before the time came to exact his revenge on the Maximite. He was sorely mistaken.

A Cry for Help

Opening Moves

Already the cogs and gears of the Black Fang were in full swing. Snipers were deployed throughout the cities, elite mercenaries had received their targets, and lesser gunmen assembled for attacks on the Comm Relay, Power Core, the Kig-Yar Experimental Weapons Development Center, and other industrial targets.

While out shopping, Aylin Bray was engaged by an enemy sniper. She was able to outplay her opponent but she lost precious time. She tried to communicate to the rest of the team but the Comm Relay was already down, making communication between cities impossible.

Charmer's house was bombed. Among the casualties was Zuzu. Once the dust had settled, Yozoz sent Yabab and Glofnog to find the Unnamed Field Marshall and notify him of the attack. They were successful and the Unnamed Field Marshall set out with Tacit Ronin, TWIO, Yabab, Glofnog, and Aylin Bray to retake the Comm Relay and warn the rest of the asteroid.

Battle for Comm Relay

Guarding the Relay was a lone Naga mercenary, Minnae. When confronted by Tacit Ronin, TWIO, Yabab, Glofnog, and Aylin Bray, Minnae attempted to defend herself in only her first form but failed and THDF assumed she was dead.

However, she was painfully transforming into her second, more powerful form which allowed her to turn the tide, killing most of Tacit Ronin, namely Dammk 'Ratam, Haas Mek 'Odali, Lat 'Nosol, and severely wounding 'Demunth. Only the timely arrival of Drullkus, Trol' Lolam, and Andare were able to turn the tide back towards THDF.

Andare's combat prowess in particular forced Minnae to resort to her third, more powerful form. However, she was severely wounded during the painful transformation and forced to retreat, leading to a Pyrrhic victory for THDF. Morning broke as the first calls came through the Comm Relay.

The First Night: The Fifth Column

All across New Eden, Black Fang squads attacked Kig-Yar industry, infrastructure, assassinated Barons and other high ranking Kig-Yar, and laid siege to police stations. During the night, vigilante Kig-Yar took to the streets to defend their home. However, those Kig-Yar that were wanted by the police were free to loot and break the law, taking advantage of the precarious security situation unfolding.


A Familiar Foe

Those who had won the Comm Relay, notified Savior Team of the situation. Spartan Blake was particularly distressed because he feared that his deal with the Chat would be enacted long before he had expected. Immediately, Savior Team was tasked with leaving Paradiso, New Eden's Eastern most city, going underground and defending the power core. After they geared up and located a viable surface elevator, the Spartans left the Back with a Vengeance. Spartan Lillian stayed behind to coordinate the scattered human forces.

Their elevator was bombed and Blake, Alisha, and Nikolai were knocked unconscious, taken prisoner, and separated, although Alisha and Nikolai later escaped. Blake was taken to the Cloaked Figure and was demanded to make due on his promise he made 12 hours beforehand. Blake agreed but only on the condition that the Chat upgrade his armor and deliver the Maximite to him before the battle had finished.

Lillian suited up and followed the trail to Nikolai, who had found Alisha. Nikolai decided to leave Blake behind to save the Power Core. Additionally, Alisha revealed that while a prisoner, she had learned that T3CHNOCIDE was behind the attacks and that he was planning to deploy Sarin gas if he started losing the battle while Nikolai added that the men they killed were Black Fang members. Everybody agreed to get this information to the rest of THDF as soon as possible.

Defending the Power Core-Heart of New Eden

T3CHNOCIDE decided to keep pounding the defenders of the Power Core until their ammunition ran out and then to finish them off. Savior Team soon arrived on the scene and made melee combat a viable alternative for the defenders. T3CHNOCIDE outplayed the defenders by detonating explosive laced concrete that the defenders were using for protection. Victorious, his forces closed in on the Power Core.

Fortunately, Savior Team had survived and they were able to hold off the Black Fang inside the Power Core until they were relieved by the best troops of the Guardians of Eden. Both sides exchanged Intel. Savior Team learned that no other team was available to handle the Sarin Gas threat due to the raging battle overhead so Nikolai ordered Savior Team to tracked down T3CHNOCIDE themselves.

Mass Genocide: A New Low

The Second Night: Arson in the Streets

Burning city

The Black Fang made sure that nothing fell into enemy hands.

Scramble for Security

Fleet Actions of the Guardian Navy

Assassination Attempts


End to the Chaos



  • This was the first appearance of Drullkus and Trol' Lolam.
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