Model 18, 75 cal

The Model 18, 75 Cal. Holographic.

The Model 18, 75 Cal. Holographic is an immensely powerful sniper rifle that is exclusive to the Chat Armed Forces; namely the Chat Snipers in particular.


The Model 18, 75 Cal. Holographic, commonly referred to as the Mod18, is 6 feet in length, and cannot be fired unless the user is prone and utilizing stabilizers. The scope is night and thermal vision enabled and can zoom up to 15x. It requires charging up to fire, but the holographic projectile travels up to 900 meters a second, breaking the sound barrier; but piercing most materials and vanishing upon impact after burning the target. It does not use traditional magazines, instead needing a battery to charge up for each shot, effectively making it a single-fire weapon.


  • Range is extremely far, up to 2 kilometers away from the user
  • Damage is very high
  • Leaves no bullet trail, or bullet, decreasing evidence of involvement
  • Extremely effective against armor


  • Massive in size, and designed for stationary sniper support
  • Each battery only has enough charge for three shots
  • Recoil is heavy
  • Loud noise is emitted upon firing, cannot be completely silenced
  • Easily visible if the barrel is sticking out of a sniper nest
  • Requires training the sights on the target for four seconds for the duration of the charging process