Assault rpg


The M36A5C is the so-called "Rich man's" assault rifle, used by elite troops and mercenaries through out the galaxy.

Weapon Overview

Used by DMR when he needs a lot of fire power and accuracy; the M36A5C fills the role in between his S316R and BlasTech MS5. Holding thirty 6.08x48mm Dream Crusher Rounds, this rifle combines high damage, high fire power, and decent long range accuracy at a cost of high maintenance and recoil. Though DMR's custom stock helps decrease some of it, it still requires the user to fire in short, controlled bursts. This rifle is DMR's most versatile weapon, which can be equipped with a grenade launcher, a silencer, a flashlight, a number of different scopes, a grip, and a bi-pod. This weapon is more on the expensive side so instead of being issued to ordinary soldiers, this weapon is only given to experienced troops in the most elite, battle-hardened groups.



  • High damage
  • High bullet velocity
  • Optimal for close-mid range combat
  • Compatible with attachments


  • Expensive
  • Constant maintainance required
  • High recoil
  • Uncommon weapon
  • Ammunition is rare