Combat knife

The M2 Combat Blade, when it gets personal.

When DMR needs to make a quiet kill, he pulls out this twelve inch baby, his M2 Combat Knife.


With a blade made of high grade Tungstinum, this knife is almost unbreakable and will never get dull. The blade its self is twelve inches long and it comes with a five inch handle. The blade is also weighted so if needed, it can double as a throwing knife. However, due to the sheer size and weight of the knife, its throwing capabilities are average at best. DMR has been using the same blade for over a decade now, and it as shown no signs of needing to be replaced. Even Heathcliff used one during the Delegation on Gaeto. The weapon is also popular with Chat Bodyguards and Knights of the Blood Oath soldiers.


  • Very durable
  • 12 inches long, allowing for reach and wide swings
  • Ideal for either slashing or stabbing


  • Difficult to utilize as a throwing knife
  • Unable to be concealed due to size
  • Expensive


Dmr knife

DMR using his M2 knife.