The Model 12 Special Operations Pistol has become close to a standard issue, as it is used by a variety of factions throughout the galaxy.


While firing the relatively powerful 11.43x23mm Anti-Preaching Round, this pistol has little recoil. With an extended magazine, it can hold about 12 rounds, though it is only semi-automatic. Popular with anyone from front line troops, to undercover agents, the M12 SOP has been around the block on more then one occasion. Do not be surprised if you see both sides using this handgun in the same battle.

This sidearm is popular with the Delta SEALS and Chat Admininistrators and Moderators  along with Resistance fighters, Chat soldiers, and Republic forces.


  • Laser pointer
  • Silencer


  • Cheap
  • Compatible with attachments
  • Easy to conceal


  • The ammunition is more pricey
  • Low bullet velocity
  • High recoil to the average user


  • This is one of the few weapons used by all three major factions.