A last generation rifle, this weapon still sees a lot of combat throughout the galaxy.  The M-25 Rifle was the former standard-issue weapon among the Chat; it is a sturdy weapon and can take down enemies efficiently.


Being before being phased out by the M-30 Rifle, the M-25 Rifle was the go to rifle for the Chat Armed Forces. This weapon featured a folding stock, accurate iron sights, and one was of the most reliable rifles ever created. It is slightly stronger than the M-30, though it is not nearly as accurate. This is due to the high recoil, meaning the user cannot fire very fast when engaging distant targets. However, many resistance cells still use this rifle since it is easy to field it to large groups. The Republic Guard are one of the notable uses of this rifle. 

This is the republic guard's primary weapon when fighting in close combat battlefields or defending their naval ships. It is also the primary weapon they use when defending cities.

Republic m-25

A republic guard soldier armed with a M-25 rifle.


  • Foldable stock
  • Accurate
  • Durable
  • Inexpensive
  • Higher DPS than the M-30 variant


  • High recoil
  • Less accurate than the M-30 variant
  • Most manufacturers have turned to producing the newer model
M-25 rebel

Irregular groups still love to use this rifle.