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“For the user, see Lord of the STARS.”
If you never tried not dying, I recommend it, it's one of my favorite pass times.
— Lord of the Stars

Lord of the Stars is an independent Kig-Yar pirate that commonly follows Team Heretic Dinofox. He is the leader of the Guardians of Eden. Eventually, as an honorary member of The Resistance, STARS was given the rank of Minor Junior Private Negative First Class. However, he is the current leader of the Guardians of Eden.


  • High muscularity; he is 6 feet tall and 4 inches. 
  • His eyes are a blue/brown mixture.
  • He has 28 teeth which are slightly larger than average, curved, and serrated, like the teeth of some carnivorous dinosaurs.
  • His claws can shred through metal 34% tougher then that of a tin can, albeit not powerful enough to shred body armor.


-Pre-Team Heretic Dinofox

He is a commander of his own ship and often his own fleet, and a great tactician who hopes to achieve greatness and glory for all Kig-Yar who appose the Covenant Remnant. He was one of the few Kig-Yar that joined the Arbiter at the end of the war.

-Meeting Team Heretic Dinofox

After the war, Stars began striving to advance both his technology and military strength. This was done by both trading, and by plundering any ship he deemed worthy of being prey. One day he teamed up with Team Heretic Dinofox who introduced him to the villainous group known as the Chat Empire. At the time, he did not know what they where chatting about, but he knew that if he joined up with Team Heretic Dinofox's, they could take down the Empire together and build his reputation to higher levels. But blood, sweat, tears, and a few mental break downs showed him that his new prey will not easily discount themselves as a predator, and after an incident in with Stars lost a land battle, he survived miraculously after trying to kill himself and take the enemy with him in order to keep a secret oath to never be taken alive; lest the location of enemy hideouts of smugglers and pirates be revealed through interrogation. In result of trying to die with honor, he survived but was badly injured, waking up from unconscious to find laying before him was a dead enemy. However, he remembered a hideout was close to him, but far enough away where he could escape. 

Hijacking a ship, STARS loaded the survivors of his fleet on board, and escaped to New Port Cache. It was here they regained their strength and enjoyed relaxing, like a five star vacation.

Early endeavors with Team Heretics Dinofox

Lord of the Stars soon found that New Port Cache was not the only place with Kig-yar and subspecies of Kig-yar when hostilities led to the Saurian Ceti IV crisis. The mission was diplomacy, and as the SharpYar had a old and bitter blood feud with Kig-yar in this universe, his main job was to be on stand by incase war became emanate.

Latter the Sharpyar kidnaped the CloudYanme'e Queen, and war could not be avoided.

In response, a shuttle of supplies sent by Lord of the STARS made its decent, but an advanced SharpYar helicopter shot the shuttle down.

Battle of the Tactical Asteroid

During this battle the Mandalorians raided the homeworld of the Kig-yar killing thousands and plundering two of its cities. Stars challenged Von Heft to a personal duel and if he won their fleet agreed to leave. In a epic duel Stars bested the deadly warrior then Von Heft's ship and crew were delegated under Stars command for his victory. This was the turning point of the battle and the two cities under Mandalorian control were eventually nuke and are now being repopulated.

Fall of Yoth

Once the crisis concluded he was recruited to join the resistance and help defend Yoth. By this time he had built a sizable fleet but had no idea how important Yoth was. Meanwhile a pirate queen named Madam Celestial Saber, who had for years ruled the star quadrant with the power of her fleet had heard the news that Yoth was going to be attacked as well. She hated the planet itself for its cold temperature, but the rebel base on the planet was her greatest ally and if Yoth fell, she would lose her power over the Chat in the entire sector. Lord of the Stars met her on Yoth and discovered she was so beautiful, that he fell in love. However, she made it clear he could not have her unless he behaved and showed self control. The two later became allies and combined their fleets in an attempt to defend Yoth, but they were no much for the over 500 ships sent to assault the planet. They put up a valiant fight, destroying over 90 of the Chat's ships, but were eventually defeated.

The next major event to come was Battle of Eafth. Between Yoth and the battle of Eafth he had lost so many lives under his command he was in a deep depression and near giving up. He was forever sick and tired of his people dying. During the battle of Eafth the Lord of the STARS would assist in the safe extraction of Karl-591 before the Chat could kill the Administrator.

(More to come.)



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The Lord of the STARS in one of his many loadouts

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