"While not an official Admin for the Chat Empire, Knightmare is a moderator with considerable power."

- Resistance's description of Knightmare 

“It is my job to ensure there is pease in this galaxy no matter the cost.”

- Knightmare's motto

Known History

The only child of two government officials, Knightmare as he was called, has always been around the political scene. When his father became an Admin during the 114th elections, Knightmare got to see first hand how complicated it was to try and keep everyone happy. Groups were constantly fighting one another, and the Chat Nation did little to stop it most of the time. He learned that to get things done, one had to actively work to get them accomplished.

When The Chat Civil War broke out, Knightmare was on the Chat Nation's security division. He was the mastermind behind the creation of the Ban-Hammer class Assault Cruiser to combat orbital guns used by the United Opedia to protect their planets. He actually decided to be on one of these cruisers when they where attacking an Opedia planet. As he went down onto the planet to conduct intel on how the Chat Nation's troops were doing, he ran into a young girl in about her twenties. However, has he was talking to her, an explosion went off right by them. Knightmare was not badly hurt but the woman had died. He decided to save her but to do that, they would have to turn her into a machine. Knightmare used this to his advantage and had her programmed as his personal assassin, her name would become Hatsune Miku.

Batte Status

Knightmare was a very hands on Moderator and can be constantly found on the front lines. He wears a custom built combat suit and will get his hands dirty if he needs to. He will do what ever it takes to complete a mission and to further his ranking in the Chat government. He will not do things that he deems as "unnecessary" and will not do anything unless it benefits him. Those around him know him as cold, uncaring of anyone around him, and in different to death. Knightmare only cares about the numbers, and not about the people who are behind them. His ultimate goal is to one day be an admin for the Chat Empire, however, those in the government see him as a better fit for dealing with their threats instead. 

During a Hunt for Commander Heathcliff, it was discovered that Knightmare and Miku were located on the planet of Catoonie. With Commander Heathcliff hunting for his sister, Sasha, it was only a matter of time before he showed up. However, Karl and Team Heretic Dinofox where able to get their first and warn him of the attack. During the course of the battle, Knightmare was injured by Heathcliff and in response, Knightmare destroyed his Miku droid. Being taken away by his Bodyguards, he would survive the injury and swore to protect the real Miku at all costs.

He would once again run into Heretic Dinofox during the Battle of Eafth, where he was under orders to extract all information from an AI called Blue before destroying her. While in the process of doing so, his room came under attack multiple times. The first wave involved Sinon and Andare, who were forced to fight against Miku and Chat Bodyguards. Though they could hold them off, Sinon and Andare were more then a match for them. Then, Jess got into the room, with orders to save Blue. Knightmare, seeing everyone else was tied up, decided to fight Jess. It was an even fight, but Knightmare was able to stun her by stabbing her with his Laser Cutlass. Only the timely arrival of Karl saved Jess, who was here to save his AI from Knightmare. While fighting Karl, Jess snuck around Knightmare and got a hold of him. Breaking one of his legs, Knightmare kept on jabbing Jess in the stomach until she broke his neck. With Chat reinforcements on the way, they all left him for dead as they grabbed Blue and left the room. Paralyzing him from the neck down, it was a sure thing Knightmare would never see combat again. However, rumor has it that Knightmare has been working on something for sometime, and he now has the perfect test subject for it, himself.

After the fall of T3CHNOCIDE during the Battle of New Eden and Second Battle of Yoth, Knightmare was promoted to the rank of Administrator; and tasked with dealing with the growing threat of the New Galactic Republic. His first order as an Administrator for the Chat Empire was to strike back after the string of defeats suffered. Gaeto would be one of the many locations that would suffer as Knightmare attacked this planet to both rescue Haloprov and send a message to Karl and the rest of Republic that the Chat was far from finished. 

Knightmare would make a brief appearance during the Republic's assault on a Chat refueling station. Though he would be unsuccessful in preventing them from stealing the intelligence they came for, making his pressence known as more then enough to force Karl to reevaluate his next move. 

During the Battle of New Haven, a figure from an unknown alien race arrived at Eafth, telling Knightmare and his top Admins that they were sent here to bring peace to the galaxy. Feeling threatened, and learning they were also blackmailing the New Galactic Republic, Knightmare grudgingly agreed to talk to the aliens to avoid a possible two front war. 


Knightmare believes that people are inherently bad and that they need a strong leader who will help keep them in line and safe. He also views liberties such as freedom of speech, religion, and the right to assemble as reasons as to why people kill and hurt each other, because they are selfish and self-centered. To him, the government must be harsh and brutal so that it can scare its people in submission as to not act up, and views those who think individual freedoms are more important then peace are too idealistic. Knightmare thinks that peace can be only achieved through control, and that if he can control everyone and everything, he can ensure no one stands out to ruin it all.