The KRS-10 is a rare sniper rifle utilized by Chat Snipers and wealthy Mercenaries. In addition, the Civilian Militia have found a new use for this rifle, since it allows them to inflict damages to Chat personal without having to worry about collateral damage.


KRS-10 in a viewing panel.


The KRS-10 possesses a low-powered scope, which leaves it most effective at medium range, but this is offset by the fact that it is fully automatic. The rounds it fires are small, piercing rounds that are effective when fighting organics because it allows for piercing vital points on the opponent's body. 


  • Accurate, even when fully automatic
  • Large magazine that contains 30 rounds
  • Extremely effective when trying to capture targets alive
  • Can be hip fired for moderate accuracy
  • Low recoil


  • Effective range is much less than that of most other sniper rifles.
  • The reloading process is very lengthy.
  • Obsolete when firing on vehicles or synthetic targets.
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