Jango dmr

Jango on one his many missions.

One of the most feared bounty hunters in the galaxy, Jango Al Ghul also trained Tyler Alshwind into becoming the vicious DMR. He is of distant Mandalorian descent.


Born into the harsh life as orphan on the planet of Alpha Harmony, Jango had to learn how to live on his own. From his youth, Jango had to fight for his own food, water, and survival. At the age of ten, Jango had already learned how to fire a gun, fly a star ship, and more importantly, how to kill. Once he reached the age of 16, Jango decided to become a bounty hunter and excelled at his new job. He learned how to use his brutal skills to make a living at ending the lives of others. During the infamous Chat Civil War, Jango worked for both sides of the war, killing people not for a cause, but because it was his job. 

From murders, hijacking, kidnappings, and thefts, Jango was feared by his enemies and envied by his fellow mercenaries. People though twice before crossing him and Jango had his own group of personal assassins at his disposal. When he could not, or did not want to do a job, he would send one of his assassins to complete the job, and Jango would get a part of the cut. Those who knew him personally thought of him as cold, emotionless, and serious. He is indifferent to death, and rarely speaks or thinks from an emotional stand point. Jango uses logic for everything, believing emotional reactions are stupid ones. However, when he found Tyler Alshwind wondering Alpha Harmony all by himself, Jango saw a younger version of himself. By this time, Jango was in his mid forties and was growing tired of fighting other people's wars. He decided to train Tyler and pass on his legacy. Everything Jango had learned, he taught Tyler how to do. Some even say Tyler, known as DMR now, is really just Jango 2.0. 


The Chat Empire had contacted Ghul and had offered to pay him two million edits for every member of Heretic Dinofox he brought in. Seeing this as a chance to make some real money, he went with Zeta to Gaeto and waited for the second bombs to go off before moving in through the dust cloud, looking for anyone that was on his list. This is when he ran into an injured Jess, and he was able to easily subdue her, before leaving the city and planet to be handed over to Hado Shinjitsu.


Jango armed with a CRAM3 for Gaeto.

Gaul was on the planet of Mu Gasto trying to figure out his next target with Zeta when it was attacked by Heretic Dinofox and Republic forces. He was surprised when he ran into DMR, since the two had not spoken in over ten years. The two proceeded to fight until DMR’s youth was able to trump Ghul’s experience, and Ghul was captured. He was moved to a more secure faculty and was brutally interrogated by DMR for over two days, but did not break. It was not until Sinon appealed to Ghul’s conscious that he give DMR his one last chance to save himself from becoming considered by hate and darkness. Realizing this, he told DMR where Jess was; hoping it prevent him from truly becoming the next Jango Al Ghul.

He is currently still in Republic custody, though he has made no plans to break out anytime soon.