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Slipspace Rift Incident (July, 2557) New Eden Crisis
The battlefront disappeared and with it the illusion that there had been a battlefront. For this was no war of occupation but a war of quick penetration and obliteration.
— The Daily Fox

The Invasion of Beta Maximus 35b was an offensive launched by the Scouting Fleet of Generous Distribution in an attempt to rescue captured Sangheili operatives; notably the ZealotTWIO, whom had been missing for almost a year.

Elites combat

Two Sangheili in combat against Mandalorians.

Battle Planning and Discovery of the Mandalorians

While the Galactic Republic and several members of Team Heretic Dinofox concoct war plans to attack Zeta and simultaneously gain a lead on Jess McKathy's whereabouts, Zealot 'Nosol discovered a slipspace buoy with a familiar log. He reported it back to the Unnamed Field Marshall, who originally decided to split his forces and send a small team to investigate the destination. 

After several hours pass, 'Nosol reported that the squad of Seraphs have been ambushed and wiped out. Confused, the Field Marshall ordered a larger force to follow up on the location, including the Tacit Ronin. The second force successfully reported back that unknown soldiers have been firing on them, already destroying over half of the Seraphs.

The remaining troops (Tacit Ronin and a few other Sangheili) were grounded due to the risk of aerial pursuers, and hid in the thick jungles to avoid detection. They found an enemy fighter that was shot down and examined it thoroughly, discovering a strange emblem painted onto it's hull. Conveniently, DMR sent the UFM a note he had come across from a previous encounter, and sent it to him, who in turn sent it over to the stranded forces. They successfully identified the hostiles as Mandalorians and mistook them for a large gang of pirates. The force went dark for several hours to scout out the planet for a base of operations for the suspected pirates.

The Scouting Fleet Arrives

The Tacit Ronin reported back that the enemy was far more organized than a simple band of pirates, as they had their own prospering colony on the planet, also stating that the captured sangheili were likely there. The UFM decided to divert all his forces to attacking the pirate colony and recovering his troops (or their bodies). His idea was further endorsed when DMR stated that the Scouting Fleet would not be needed immediately, although the battle would occur soon; this prompted the UFM to leave behind his second in command, Shipmaster 'Montrumai with a trio of Liches. The fleet arrived entirely by surprise, as the corvette was able to deploy multiple Phantoms containing hundreds of troops before any Mandalorian fighters responded, although both sides started taking casualties once the orbital combat started. 

Ground War


Mandalorians in combat against Field Marshall's forces.

Initial assault

Several Kig-Yar pirate and Covenant forces, commanded by Charmer and the Unnamed Field Marshall respectively, loaded into mass deployment carapaces. The humans of Back with a Vengeance sent in plenty of pelicans.The scouting fleets deployment of seraphs starts an air war.

The humans were slaughtered due to their lack of knowledge of this universe. Reinforcements arrive in the form of aircraft and ground troops. A Mandalorian was captured for study.

The scouting fleet tried to deploy a Tyrant AA gun, but the phantom that was carrying the venting system went down a half kilometer away in the water. Wraiths were called up to transport the gun from the shore. Kig-Yar and front line fighter reinforcements commanded by Charmer arrived, but most of the dropships were shot down too, and a firefight broke out around the downed phantoms. The venting piece was eventually reunited with the rest of the AA gun even after the Maximite harassed the wraiths. The AA gun becomes operational.

Enemy AA guns, command posts, armories, and artillery are targeted by coalition forces. A second AA gun is set up. Tactic Ronin, objectives completed, fight their way out of the city. The humans then targeted the country to get food for the forces fighting in the colony city.

Meanwhile, in the fields surrounding the city, soldiers from both Charmer's pirates and Unnamed Field Marshall's armies are struggling to set up camp before night. Because most of the dropships had been shot down in the water, most supplies were lost. With the Sangheili all inside the city, the highest ranking soldier with the Covenant in the field was an Unggoy Ultra, Yozoz. Yozoz and Charmer joined their forces, but only 222 of the original 800 shot down in the water survived. Charmer is in command of the make-shift battle group, and decides to search an ancient city for the prison.

Search for the prison

After Charmer goes out to search the ancient city for the prison, Mandalorian forces are found in the city and to be protecting an 800 story warehouse. Human forces soon arrive to reinforce Charmer's men, now numbering fewer than 100, and fight their way through the warehouse ransacking it along the way. Eventually they come to a cartographer device that reveals that the prison is in orbit. The resistance arrives just as the mandalorians counter attack. Heavy losses are taken on both sides.

A cartographer is found in the warehouse by Savior Team and it was promptly accessed by scientists. The location of the prison was found to be in orbit and coalition forces each devoted resources to take it.

Battle of the Prison

Nikolai Pereshenko destroyed a surveillance room in the initial assault. Kig-Yar and human forces worked their way through the tight hallways and a crowded atrium to rescue TWIO. TWIO fought for his life in an arena until he was relieved by coalition forces. The prison soon fell but not before Kyle, a Savior team member, was captured and decapitated in public.

Battle of the weapons depot

After these events transpired Atila the Hutt, from Elite Remnant Legion, decided to lead a task force to search for the Chat Empire's involvement in the conflict before the chat escaped. He followed several chat soldiers to a depot in the mountains before asking for help. Savior team members and Charmer's surviving kig-yar pirates responded and soon took over the depot. With the major cities, the prison, and the weapons depot fallen, and the countryside being scoured by aircraft for any survivors the Mandalorians didn't last long. In three more days they had been removed from the planet.

Counter attack

A detachment of Von Heft's force arrived in a counter attack but retreated after the Lord of the STARS defeated Von Heft in a duel.


  • The invasion was the first appearance of Nikolai Pereshenko and Yozoz.