The Infinity-class Battlecruiser is the newest star ship in the Chat Armed Forces and is meant to go toe-to-toe with the strongest of any warships. 

Infinity cruiser

An Infinity-class Battlecruiser over the city of Omega.


While it is only 7.5 km long, it has some of the best defense and offensive capabilities of any star ship. For attacking, it has 2 Super MACs, an Anti-Matter particle cannon, 200 point defense laser turrets, 50 M75 Rapier Missile Pods, 8 W90 GMB nuclear warheads, and 190 heavy dark matter turrets. Its shielding is over 175% stronger then that of a Ban-Hammer class Assault Cruiser and can even survive, and still function, after an EMP from a NOVA bomb. It only has one hanger but to make up for this, it has the ability to see invisible or cloaked ships at great distances, making it almost impossible to get a surprise attack on. The ship is very susceptible to EMP attacks, and the amount of edits it costs ensures not many can be built. Only a few have been built and for the moment can only be found guarding Eafth. However, with the outbreak of a new civil war, it is expected the Chat Empire will build more of these. Some of them ended up in Republic hands as the admirals controlling them defected from the Chat.

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