Heavy Rifle-15 model A

While not popular with front line troops, some of the more elite soldiers do like this classic weapon, which is a very effective battle rifle. 


While its rate of fire and size make unfitted for modern, front line combat, units like the Chat Bodyguards have found a use for this weapon. While being in service for almost fifty years, the 8.7x 90mm plasma round causes severe burns and a quick death to anyone unfortunate enough to get shot by one of these. The HR-15A also has amazing long range accuracy, without special scopes the rifle can hit targets up to 600 meters. Some major draw backs are that it is a very expensive weapon to produce and it must be kept clean at all times to function properly. 

During battlefields in trench warfare this is the republic guards primary weapon though the republic guards only fight in trenches when defending open battlefields with no nearby cover such as plains or safaris. Republic guards also use these weapons when fighting in deserts or arctic tundras due to its decent range and fire power.

With the outbreak of The Chat Schism, the Republic Guard also field this rifle when ever they can, along with the M-25 Rifle. This weapon is also favored by the Mandalorian Empire for its unrivaled stopping power.


  • Each shot delivers incredible force, capable of knocking lesser individuals off their feet
  • Any who survive the knock-down and the initial shot will suffer serious burns
  • Very accurate and utilized at long range


  • The extraneously long barrel makes it less ideal at shorter ranges
  • The long barrel make give away a soldiers position
  • Must be in near perfect condition, or there is a risk of a misfire
  • Due to the dangerous nature of the weapon, it is modular, and sold in parts; the complete weapon is rarely found in stores
  • The long barrel makes the weapon hard to hip/shoulder fire.