Star Fox Adventures Great Fox

The GF III. Notice the light armor plating.

The Great Fox III is a supercarrier used by Team Heretic Dinofox.


The ship dwarfs the original 'Great Fox', and has a similar crew population. Measuring in at 8 kilometers, this massive ship was bought with funds given to the Team by the Old Haven government. The lasers found under the ships bridge are incredibly powerful, easily surpassing that of a Super Mark-V HACK round each. Like it's precursor, the Great Fox III has two hangers. One located under it's lasers, and one above the engines. The one below the lasers is commonly used for mass deployment onto a planet, and the one above the engines is commonly used for ships. While the neck of the bridge is cramped on the original Great Fox, the Great Fox III has plenty of room. Finally fixing what the Great Fox one and two's horrible lack of defenses, the Great Fox III has point defense weapons all around to protect it from harm. The ships wings have been modified to dock with up to 8 cruisers, while the ships hangers can hold multiple frigates, prowler corvettes and even a cruiser. The security on the massive ship is almost entirely robotic, with elite squads led by XD droids, with DX droids as the infantry of the squad. One of the most popular squads in the defense force is Zulu Squad, led by XD-7. Though, Delta SEALS and very rarely, Tacit Ronin, will also act as security depending who is onboard currently. 


A replacement for the Great Covenant-Human Autumn-Class Tactical Asteroid, the Great Fox III is not makeshift. It was used after the Team's first encounter with New Port Cache, when Fox bought it. After this, the Great Fox III was made the official mode of transportation for the Team.

It saw much use, first employed during the Sargasso Space Zone Conflict conflict, which was the second attempt to capture a Chat Administrator. It sustained severe damage by taking on an entire fleet, but the Administrator Forerunner was successfully captured anyway.

Saw use during the skirmishes over New Port Cache, as it defended itself from the Elite Remnant Legion leading to multiple Sangheili deaths, as well as many Trollvenant ships being lost from the Great Fox III's immense firepower.

After the Resistance's new official base was declared in order to replace Havin IV, the Team as well as the Great Fox III went to this new base for upgrades and repairs. Two years after the battle of Havin IV, Yoth was captured when Gamma Base fell. When it fell, the Great Fox III's huge storage capacity made it ideal for a transport; much of the final survivors in Gamma Base fled when the Great Fox III finally left Yoth. The soldiers were then transported back to T-Rex assault cruisers after the rendezvous was made between the GF III and the majority of the surviving fleet.  

The Great Fox III played a major role in the Ambush at Gaeto, when it sent supplies to the ground, and single handedly held off all Chat fleet strengths for days, until a concentrated battlegroup came out from hiding behind one of Gaeto's moons. The retreat of Fox's supercarrier was assured when Karl-591 and his battlegroup arrived, but before Fox left, he managed to capture Karl. Four T-Rex class Assault Cruisers then held back the battlegroups until the GF III finally retreated.

The GF III was also present on Catoonie when the team had a confrontation with Commander Heathcliff.  The ship stayed in orbit though, as it couldn't fufill any major role to capture a lone hyper lethal soldier.

During the Battle of Eafth, the GF III remained mostly hidden near the Gas Giant Whoopiter in a staging area for the New Republic and the Resistance.  When the combined fleet was discovered by the Chat however, a large scale space battle took place in tight orbit around Whoopiter, where many abandoned ships slowly succumbed to gravity, and were lost to the planet.  Later in the battle, the Great Fox III temporarily assisted in fire-support directly over Eafth, before regrouping back at Whoopiter.

Quite some time later, after arriving late in the Delagation at Gaeto, the Great Fox III drifted from place to place before assisting in the protection of Drullkus' stargate.

Following this, the ship led the retaking of Yoth, where it was heavily damaged before retreating to New Eden to assist in security.  After repairs were made on the ship, it returned to Yoth to continue the assault against the Chat and Pirate forces.