The GCH-AC-TA fleeing from Lawlderan.

The Great Covenant-Human Autumn-Class Tactical Asteroid was a small carrier used by Team Heretic Dinofox.


The Great Covenant Human Autumn Class Tactical Asteroid was a makeshift carrier vessel used in the early formation of the Team. It lacked basic defenses, and relied on starfighters to defend it from the outside, although it did have natural armor in the shape of a asteroid rock, from which the rest of the ship protruded and had tunnels within.


Originally used by The Resistance, the GCH-AC-TC was a makeshift carrier which, originally, was a freighter. The ship was bought by the Team from the resistance, after the resistance offered to give it with a discount price.

After many battles, the carrier was sold so the team could upgrade to the Great Fox III Supercarrier on New Port Cache.