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General SheerAvenger777 was a character in the Team Heretic Dinofox universe. The character was frequently used as an NPC rather then the person actually showing himself in the story.


General SheerAvenger777 was a former very high ranking member of the Chat army, until he felt that the Administration became corrupt. He then took the troops in his command and formed a rather large faction titled The Resistance. The resistance was one of the primary forms of assistance to Team Heretic Dinofox.

Fall of Yoth and disappearance

During the Fall of Yoth General Sheer was left behind and assumed KIA by Team Heretic Dinofox. He ditched his uniform and had to evade Chat patrols for a while. He survived on scraps as a homeless man on the streets of Yoth's capital. He grew bitter of Dinofox during this all time low and swore vengeance for their cruel treatment of their so called ally.

Leading the Raptor Pirates

The raptor pirates would soon track down General Sheer. The faction's leader had died and they needed a strong military commander with years of combat experience and who knew the Chat tactics and plans in depth. Eager to get back at Dinofox and the Chat and be fed on a constant basis he accepted. He would head out into a mountain range and set up a base that would become the capital of the raptor pirates. Once it was done the pirates invaded yoth and sacked many of its major cities. The Chat responded and a full scale planetary war was to ensue.


General Sheer attempted to escape Yoth when the main city, Levsa, was destroyed by the Chat by boarding the Abomination. The General planned on taking over the bridge once the crew were put asleep with a handful of raptors. When his position was compromised he rushed the the bridge to barricade himself in there. When he arrived he found the bridge was overwhelmed with mercenaries and he was promptly killed by Minnae, a Naga. His head was cut off and kept as a trophy of Minnae.


  • He is one of the few characters to betray Team Heretic Dinofox and remain with his new allies.