Chat was main pic

A fight between The Chat and Heretic Dinofox and the Resistance.

As citizens of the Chat Empire, we must band together and defeat these terrorists or we risk our very own existence.
— Chat declaration of war

DMRLIFE: "We've got company!"
Fox McCloud: "Pirates?"
Resistance Soldier: "Worse"
— Fox, Tyler and a resistance member talking about the Chat.

The Galactic Chat War was a long and deadly conflict involving the Chat Empire, and her allies, against numerous resistance cells, notably Team Heretic Dinofox and The Resistance. The war was notable for the fact that it stretched across the far reaches of the galaxy, meaning fighting was breaking out everywhere. Most planets were not safe from becoming battlegrounds as the two sides vied for control of the galaxy.


After the 118th elections, the Chat Empire became the new leaders of the government, replacing the Chat Nation as the heads of Government. The new Admins took away freedoms, that many of citizens had enjoyed, in the name of peace. They did not want groups fighting eachother and to do that, the Chat Empire needed complete control over their subjects. Some of the new policies included increasing the size of the armed forces and having a zero tolerance for people and groups who tried to go against them. 

Some groups thought they could stand up to the Chat, which led to events like the New Naboo Revolt, and other small scale fights, that the government showed that they had a very simple policy, "Join or die." However, some groups did not want to be controlled, took up arms, and proceeded to start fighting back against the Chat. As more and more groups started to fight back the Chat Empire, The Admins made the choice to declare war on the main groups, there by letting their armed forces do what ever they needed to fight the growing threat. 
Empiring meeting

A Chat Admin meeting declaring war on the "terrorist" groups.


About 30 years of stomping on small resistances in individual planets, the Chat was met by a very large faction made up of whatever was left of the Opedia, and survivors of crushed planets, and those who find the uprising a profitable venture (14 YBH). This faction was simply titled the Resistance, and beyond of the Opedia, it was the best hope against the Chat.

Chat sneaks up on resistance

The Chat sneaking up on a Resistance compound.

The Resistance fought the Chat in small skirmishes for fourteen years, until the events of Lawlderan. Battles like the Sector W conflict, the First Raid on Koraulak, and the Battle of Havin IV cemented the fact that know the Chat would be fighting two separate factions who had the same goal, destroy the Chat Empire. Though the Chat Empire would be able to win most of the battles, instances like the Raid on the Sixth Fleet of Trolling and the Saurian Ceti IV crisis would prove that The Resistance and Dinofox could defeat the Chat. However, the Chat dealt a major blow to their enemies during the Fall of Yoth, killing many of their troops and destroying most of their materials. Thinking they where close to victory, the Chat was unprepared for a strike that would hit close to home.
Chat empire propaganda

The Chat Empire rallying the troops.

After The Ambush at Gaeto, Resistance leader Commander Heathcliff went rouge and bombed the Chat capital of Omega on Eafth; looking for revenge, the Chat went on the hunt for Commander Heathcliff. Over the course of the battle, a shaky alliance was formed between Karl and Heretic Dinofox to defeat Heathcliff. The ultimately failed and Karl was arrested for his crimes but his arrest would result in more fallout then the Chat expected.

A New War

Militia plan attack

Civilian Militia plan their next attack during the Battle of Eafth.

Do to Karl releasing sensitive information about the Chat, riots broke out as the population wanted to over throw their government. The Chat was forced to use deadly force on the protesters and the situation only got worse, leading to the The Chat Schism. A new war was born, between the remnants of the Chat Empire and faction called the New Galactic Republic, which was made up of ex-Admins, ex-Chat troops, and what was left of Dinofox and the Resistance. This war is shaping up to even bloodier then the last, as both sides have the materials to carry out massive attacks on one another.